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Writing Requirements

Writing Across the Curriculum at Eastern is designed to help students learn how writing shapes and aids thinking; to understand the cultures and conventions of their disciplines; and, through practice and revision, to confront their (universal!) insecurities about writing in order to become better, more confident writers in the worlds they will enter when they graduate.

After writing an initial placement essay, students at Eastern complete the following three stages of the University Writing Program:

  • STAGE ONE (Complete during your Freshman year)
    Your placement essay will determine which of these courses you need to take:
    • ENG 100 College Writing (3 credits)
      ENG 100P College Writing Plus (5 credits)
  • STAGE TWO (Complete during your Sophomore year)
    After you pass ENG 100 OR ENG 100P and you complete ART History I & II, you are required to demonstrate your continuing competency in writing in your discipline. You can do this by taking:
    • ART 233 Graphic Design History (4 credits) 
      ART 345
      Museum and Exhibitions (3 credits) 
  • STAGE THREE (Complete during your Junior year)
    Students must take a Writing Intensive Course in their Major. After you pass ART 211, ART 212, and the Stage Two course with a C or better, Art Majors have two options:
    • ART 340 Art History Topics (4 credits)
      ART 402
      Issues in Contemporary Art (4 credits)

Students are strongly encouraged to complete all writing requirements by the end of their Junior year. Not doing so may hinder your ability to get the courses you need to graduate on time.

(These requirements apply to all students entering Eastern during Fall 2011 or later. Students entering Eastern prior to Fall 2011 are exempt from Writing Level Two.)