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Art Major

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Why Study Art?

Art majors develop creativity, self-discipline and a strong work ethic while learning how art and design are woven into the fabric of past and current cultures. Students develop a range of abilities that can be applied to any career path — craft, point of view, critical and creative thinking, and professional development. Both studio and art history courses emphasize connections between research and art making and the job market and graduate school.

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Why Study Art at Eastern?

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art offers four concentrations of study: Art History; Digital Art & Design; Illustration; and Studio Art. Students may also choose the related bachelor’s degree in New Media Studies with a concentration in Digital Media Design. Art majors enjoy state-of-the-art digital and traditional studios in the beautiful Fine Arts Instructional Center. Students display their artwork in the Art Gallery and elsewhere on campus. Both studio and art history courses emphasize connections between research and art making and the job market and graduate school.

Students drawing outside
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  • Students taking the Art History concentration in the Art major learn about art from a variety of mediums, cultures and periods, including Asian art and culture, graphic design history, and ancient Mesoamerica. Students in other majors may also minor in Art History.

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  • The Digital Art and Media Design concentration in the Art major familiarizes students with computer skills and graphic design and offers advanced courses in animation, magazine design, illustration, and motion graphics. A minor in Digital Art and Design is also available to non-Art majors.

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  • The Illustration concentration in the Art major includes a range of creative and intellectual experiences in the Art & Art History Department. Illustrators work in a broad category of industries and specializations as freelancers and as full-time employees, combining traditional media with digital media techniques.

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  • The Studio Art concentration in the Art major offers courses in traditional and alternative approaches to develop observational skills and promote a high level of craft. Advanced students are encouraged to identify and develop a strong personal point of view in their coursework and studio practice. A Studio Art minor is also available to other majors.

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Salary Potential


Average Salary Art Directors


Average salary Painters/illustrators/sculptors


Average Salary Graphic designers


Average Salary Multimedia artists/animators

* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hands-on Learning

Students and visitors at senior art exhibit

Senior Art Exhibit

Seniors share their creativity with the entire campus during the annual Senior Art Exhibit in the Art Gallery.

Senior Art Exhibit
Students doing volunteer work

Community Service

Art majors perform pro bono art projects for local organizations ranging from the Windham Hospital Auxiliary to Mountain Dairy to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

Students posing for photo about internships


Art majors have taken internships at art organizations ranging from the Yale University Art Gallery to the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

Tour the Fine Arts Instructional Center

Career Options

Students who pursue undergraduate degrees in Art can have rewarding and successful careers in a variety of professional fields, including:

  • Animator/Motion Graphic Designer
  • Art Therapist
  • Corporate Creative Consultant
  • Creative Director
  • Fine Artist
  • Game Designer
  • Graphic Designer or Illustrator
  • Museum Educator or Curator
  • Teacher
  • Web/Interactive Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Printmaker
  • Sculptor/Ceramics Artist

Successful Alumni

Recent Eastern graduates who earned a bachelor’s degree or a minor in Art are employed at the following companies:

  • American Apparel
  • Avid Marketing Group
  • ESPN
  • iRobot
  • Lyman Allyn Art Museum
  • Method Studios
  • Motion Theory Animation
  • Sikorsky Aircraft
  • Stanley Works
  • Timex
  • Toy Soldier Media
  • Wadsworth Atheneum
  • Yale University
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Alumni Testimonials

Cy Colon ’17

Cy Colon ’17

Cy earned his master’s degree in architecture at Florida International University in 2021. He works as a design coordinator at Stantec and aspires to design eco-friendly, sustainable buildings. “I’ve always been interested in working with my hands, that’s why I’m an artist. Architecture blends well with art.

Jamie Belden ’17

Jamie Belden ’17

Jamie is graphic designer and owner of Creative Bell Design. “I love creating design solutions and seeing my work come to life. I’m thankful for all that I learned from the great professors and facilities at Eastern. They prepared me with the knowledge and skills to excel in the real world.”

Lindsay (Delosier) Serra ’13

Lindsay (Delosier) Serra ’13

Lindsay is photography editor for Carrie Draghi Photography. “The Visual Arts program helped me channel my love for art in many ways. I was able to express my creativity through screen printing, drawing and sculpture. My graphic design classes also helped to solidify my style in design. I graduated with the pride and confidence to work at the best of my ability in my career.”

Melissa Nosal
Visual Arts

Melissa Nosal ’13

Melissa is the creative content and design coordinator at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Bioethics. “The Visual Arts program laid the groundwork for my knowledge in color theory, page layout, typography and other rules of design. It also introduced me to the creative software I now use daily to create digital illustrations, retouch photos, and design all sorts of materials.”

Olivia Provey ’14

Olivia Provey ’14

Olivia is art-making director and studio photographer at Eskayel, a Brooklyn-based textile design firm. “It was during my printmaking classes at Eastern when I started to become interested in textiles. I was able to do an independent study where I focused on relief printing on fabrics. This led to my career in the textile design world.”

Rob Kavaler ’13
RCN Capital Graphic Designer

Rob Kavaler ’13

Rob Kavaler is the graphic design manager for RCN Capital, LLC. “As a student I was able to gain valuable design experience through on campus jobs and clubs. I learned how to deal with clients and prioritize my time, which are essential skills for my job every day.”

Lindsay Serra ’13
Sea Breeze Design Company

Lindsay Serra ’13

Lindsay is the owner of Sea Breeze Design Company. “The Visual Arts program helped me channel my love for art in many ways. I was able to express my creativity through screen printing, drawing and sculpture. Furthermore, my graphic design classes helped to solidify my style in design.”

Olivia DeForge
Graphic Designer

Olivia DeForge ’19

Oliva designed a poster for the Child and Adult Care Food program at the Access Agency in Willimantic. One challenge was navigating differences in artistic opinion. “Before this, all the art I’ve done has been what I like. If the client wants something changed, you have to do it even if you might not agree. This experience taught me how to interact with and take input from a client.”

Robert John
Graphic Designer

Robert John ’19

Robert designed posters for the WIC nutrition program at the Access Agency in Willimantic. “Working with a client isn’t as easy as one might expect. There’s constant back-and-forth, new ideas, changes and countless drafts. It’s difficult to meet everyone’s expectations, including your own. It’s satisfying knowing that something you created will benefit others for years to come.”

Mindy Leung ’15
Packaging Design

Mindy Leung ’15

Art major Mindy Leung is the lead graphic designer at Commonwealth Toy & Novelty in Manhattan. “Packaging design was a field I knew I wanted to go into, and I was ecstatic to find that Eastern offered a course in it. Designing with dielines, creating graphics and mocking them up all led to me having an early knowledge of what the field entails.”

Nicholas Khan ’17
Tufts University

Nicholas Khan ’17

Art major Nicholas Khan earned his Master of Fine Arts degree at Tufts University and is a commissioned painter. “The art faculty were always willing to go that extra mile, and the studio space in the new Fine Arts Center enabled me to work on my art outside of class. I had a great experience at Eastern that I’ll never forget.”

Jessie Kohn ’14
Freelance Artist

Jessie Kohn ’14

Art major Jessie Kohn is a freelance artist in Austria who specializes in graphic design and fine art. “In my concentration of Digital Art and Design, I was introduced to everything from corporate identity to page layout to illustration. As a freelance artist, I often find myself doing all three of those on any given day.”