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Major Requirements

The B.A. in Art consists of 47-50 credits, including foundation courses and credits in the chosen concentration, as well as a Capstone course. Grades of less than 2.0 (C) do not count toward the major.

  1. Required Foundation Courses
    1. Required Foundation Courses for Art History 17 credits
    2. Required Foundation Courses for Digital Art and Design 26 credits
    3. Required Foundation Courses for Illustration 26 credits
    4. Required Foundation Courses for Studio Art 26 credits
  2. Required Concentration Courses
    1. Required Courses for Art History 26-27 credits
    2. Required Courses for Digital Art and Design 21 credits
    3. Required Courses for Illustration 21 credits
    4. Required Courses for Studio Art 30 credits
  3. Major Capstone Course 3-4 credits

Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Art and Art History Department Majors are exempt from the following 15 credits of the LAC because these categories are covered by major requirements:

  • Tier I - Historical Perspectives (ART 211 or ART 212)
  • Tier I - Arts and Humanities in Context (ART 110 or ART 111)
  • Tier II - Applied Information Technology (ART 124)
  • Tier II - Arts and Humanities - Creative Expression (ART 202)
  • Tier III - Independent Inquiry (ART 432 or ART 436 or ART 485 or ART 486 or ART 487)

University Writing Requirements for the Art & Art History Department

All students must take one Level 2 and one Level 3 writing course in the major. Prerequisites must be met. Students are strongly encouraged to complete all writing requirements by the end of their junior year. Not doing so may hinder your ability to get the courses you need to graduate on time. The course options are:

  • Level 2 - ART 233 Graphic Design History 
    or ART 345 Museums & Exhibitions
  • Level 3 - ART 340 Modern Art Topics 
    or ART 402 Contemporary Art