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Mathematics for Teaching (B.A.)

B.A. in Mathematics with a Concentration in Math for Teaching is designed for those in primary or secondary teacher education programs. This concentration is also an excellent choice for double majors in Mathematics and Elementary Education. For students looking for a career in math, this offering is designed to support the steady demand for teachers in the STEM fields.

Students should consult with their faculty advisor and use the Degree Evaluation tool to receive an accurate assessment regarding fulfillment of graduation requirements. All major requirements are in addition to the LAC requirements.

Note: Students must earn a C or better in all major courses numbered 300 or higher OR a C+ average in all such courses.

Mathematics Prerequisites

MAT 155/P Precalculus – 4 or 5 credits

Curriculum Grid

Required Core Courses for All Concentrations (26 credits)

MAT 230 Discrete Structures – 3 credits
MAT 243* Calculus I with Technology – 4 credits
MAT 244 Calculus II with Technology – 4 credits
MAT 310 Applied Linear Algebra – 3 credits
MAT 315** Applied Probability and Statistics – 4 credits
MAT 340 Calculus III with Technology – 4 credits
MAT 420*** Real Analysis I – 4 credits

* meets LAC Tier I Mathematics requirement
** meets LAC Tier II Applied Information Technology & Stage 2 University Writing requirements
*** meets Stage 3 University Writing requirement

Required Courses for a Concentration in Mathematics for Teaching (15 credits)

MAT 320 Number Theory – 3 credits
MAT 372* Advanced Mathematics for High School Teaching – 3 credits
MAT 380 Geometry – 3 credits
MAT 395 History of Mathematics – 3 credits
MAT 400 Abstract Algebra – 3 credits

* meets LAC Tier III requirement

Concentration Electives (3 - 4 credits)

You must take one course in Mathematics numbered over 300. This cannot include MAT 303 or any internships. Students in this concentration may count CSC 202 or CSC 210 as an elective. Students who choose to complete the elementary education option may use EDU 411 as an elective.

See Mathematics Major Degree Requirements