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Policies Pertaining to the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

SB: 19/20-07 Policy on Liberal Arts Learning Outcomes (approved 4/7/20)

SB: 07/08-06 A Bill To Refine Policies Related To The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (approved 2/19/08)

SB: 06/07-06 A Bill To Update And Consolidate Policies Related To The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (approved 2/6/2007)

Transfer and Readmitted Students Waiver

SB: 17/18-4: An Amendment of SB 10/11-8 that Waives Tier I LAC Requirements for Transfer Students with 60 or More Credits to Include Readmitted Students with 60 or More Earned Credits

  • All students who transfer to Eastern with 60 credits or more are waived from the T1HW requirement.
  • Students who transfer to Eastern with 60 or more transfer credits, with a minimum of 27 credits in liberal arts disciplines (humanities, social sciences and natural sciences), shall be considered to have met Eastern's Liberal Arts Program Tier 1, including Natural Science with a lab.
  • Students who transfer with 15 or more credits or are readmitted to Eastern having previously earned 15 or more qualifying credits will be exempt from completing the First Year Seminar.
  • PLEASE NOTE: College Writing (TIW) and Mathematics (TIM) are not exempt, as they are university graduation requirements.
  • All students, regardless of the courses transferred to Eastern, must complete at least two LAC Tier II courses and a Tier III Liberal Arts Independent Inquiry course.