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About the Liberal Arts Program Committee

The Liberal Arts Program Committee (LAPC) is a standing committee of the Eastern Connecticut State University Senate. The LAPC is concerned with the program, procedures, and policies relating to the program of general education of students at Eastern. Concerns of the Committee include leadership for the program, approval and oversight of courses to serve the liberal arts core curriculum, and the categorization of courses within the program.

The Committee works closely with appropriate Senate committees, academic officers, department chairs, academic program directors, and administrators. The committee is composed of twelve members total, with nine voting members. Seven voting members are elected by the University Senate on a rotating basis for terms of three years.

These are one each from Humanities (Art and Art History, Performing Arts, English, World Languages and Cultures, and Philosophy), Social Sciences (History, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology), Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Biology, Environmental Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Sciences). Two total from different departments within Education and Professional Studies, one from the administrative faculty, and one from the Library faculty.

An additional voting member includes one student member elected by the Student Senate to the committee. Three non-voting members are the LAC Coordinator, the LAC Assessment Coordinator, and a representative from Registrars.