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Course Submission

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum Course Submissions

Applications to approve courses for the Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) can now be made to the Liberal Arts Program and Curriculum Committees.

Please Note: Given the ongoing revision of the LAC, new course applications will be accepted by the LAPC, though any changes in policy approved by the University Senate may alter the criteria for submission and any course that is accepted by the committee is only on a temporary basis.  All courses will have to submit for the revised LAC when it is ready to accept submissions.

Departments will submit new course proposals or course modifications employing the appropriate Curriculum Committee forms.

For Courses That May Be Used to Fulfill the Major and LAC:

Please visit:

All materials must be submitted by noon the Wednesday before LAPC meetings, to the LAPC secretary, Ms. Cheryl LeBeau. One complete .pdf file (with signatures) must be sent to at Depts. of Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science, SCI 168.

The following Meeting Dates for Spring 2022 will be on Tuesdays, @ 9:30am in MS Teams, as needed.

Please contact the LAPC Chair or secretary for further information.

Departments must submit appropriate LAC forms.  Major programs may request that a course within their discipline or area of study be substituted for a Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LAC) category requirement using the course substitution form. Up to two LAC categories, not including First Year Introduction (FYI 100) or Tier III category, may be satisfied.