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Services available by Our Staff

  • John Bazin: oversight to the office,  employee and labor relations matters; retirement counseling, records retention, contract interpretation
  • Durado Bailey: FMLA, worker's compensation, job posting, background checks
  • Nicole Brown: part time payroll, classified employee service ratings, Core-CT transactions, background checks
  • La Shawn McBride: benefits coordinator; oversees classified search process and related hiring; new employee orientation; exit interviews, coordination of pre-employment physicals/drug screens; background checks; provides contact info for use of temp agencies
  • Gayl Osuba: maintains university job description; prepares employment letters for unclassified hires; assists in scheduling of labor relations matters; tracks documentation to refill unclassified positions (i.e., AAUP, SUOAF, Unclassified/Confidential/Managerial); assists with processing of EEOC and FOI requests; background checks
  • Jianguo (Jay) Zhu: develops HR reports; conduct compensation analysis; provides immigration counseling; interpretes contracts


Please note that all HR staff can process tuition waiver forms for AAUP, SUOAF and unclassified managerial employees.