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eBenefits is a new option available to employees of the State of Connecticut.  It allows employees to enter in elections and make changes to existing coverage through Self Service in CORE-CT.

You can now access eBenefits through Self Service for New Hires and Life Events (Family Status Change/Loss of Coverage).  You will be able to access Open Enrollment (OE) through eBenefits during the specified OE period. You can re-enroll your dependents in dental coverage up to age 26 during the OE period.  Additional information will be sent out regarding OE when the time occurs. 

Prior to accessing eBenefits, you must: 

    1. Verify that your primary email address is valid by navigating to Main Menu>My System Profile.  You can add or update your email address in the General Profile Information page and click on the highlighted Save button. The email address must be correct for you to receive an automatic Confirmation Statement after your elections have been approved by La Shawn McBride.
    2. Provide the required documentation to enroll a dependent(s) in coverage (marriage certificate, long form of the birth certificate, adoption decree) or remove a dependent (divorce decree, COBRA Notice or a letter from a former employer of a loss of coverage) either by uploading the documents in CORE, or submitting them to La Shawn McBride.
    3. Provide Social Security Numbers for your dependents.
    4. Contact La Shawn McBride if an error was made after a dependent’s information has been entered and saved (incorrect SSN, DOB, spelling of the name, etc.).
    5. If you will be entering in your elections through eBenefits do not contact La Shawn McBride to generate an Enrollment Statement.

The following enrollments cannot be processed in eBenefits.  Employees must contact La Shawn McBride in HR for assistance. 

  • Family Less Employed Spouse (FLES):  FLES is an available rate option when both spouses are employed by the state, are enrolled in the same plan(s) and have at least one eligible dependent.
  • Guardianship:  Employees or their spouse who have been granted temporary or permanent guardianship of a dependent under the age of 18 must provide court documentation and the completed Legal Guardianship Notification & Dependency Verification form (CO-1318) to their agency.  The Central Benefits Unit processes all guardianship enrollments.
  • Employees who are not eligible for benefits at hire and have a Job Data action entered in their record updating their status to benefits eligible (i.e., Temporary to Regular, Secondary to Primary, a change in the FTE to above .50 etc.).