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Procedures for Conducting Affirmative Action Searches for Police Officer/Protective Services Trainee

The following procedures are designed to ensure a smooth search process and to provide clear documentation of efforts undertaken by all who serve Eastern Connecticut State University to support its affirmative action policy and goals. Any additional questions and concerns can be addressed by the Office of Equity and Diversity

I. To Initiate a Search

  1. The Director of Public Safety shall complete and submit a PAR form and a search committee and determine a search chair. Once appointed, the search chair will prepare a search plan that will contain the position announcement and a timeline for the search. The plan should be submitted to the Director of Public Safety, the Vice President for Administration and Finance and then to the Vice President of Equity and Diversity for approval along with a completed PAR form.
  2. The Human Resource Office will send letters to candidates on layoff or employment lists giving them an appropriate time for response. Human Resources will receive applications and send them to the search committee for review.

II. The Search Process

  1. The VP of the Office of Equity and Diversity will meet with the search committee to review affirmative action guidelines.
  2. The search committee should agree on criteria for the position and develop an evaluation rubric which will be reviewed by the VP of the Office of Equity and Diversity and prepare a list of interview questions. Interview questions will be approved by the VP of the Office of Equity and Diversity.
  3. Initial screening of applications will be conducted by the search committee using the approved rubric. The search chair shall ensure that complete records are kept of all activities related to the search for submission with the search report, including recruitment lists and copies of letters sent to prospective candidates.
  4. After reviewing all applications, the search committee shall recommend to the Director of Public Safety a pool of candidates to be interviewed by the committee. Candidates will also need to be approved by the VP of the Office of Equity and Diversity prior to interviews. If the pool of recommended candidates are approved by the VP of the Office of Equity and Diversity, then the search chair will schedule candidates for interviews. The search committee may develop and utilize evaluation sheets during the interviews.

III. The Interview Process

  1. If the VP of the Office of Equity and Diversity, or designee, gives approval to proceed with interviewing, candidates will be invited to campus.
  2. The search committee should provide candidates with as much detailed information about the institution and position as is practicable prior to the interview.
  3. Upon completion of interviews, the search chair will submit a brief written summary of each applicant interviewed and state why the committee either recommends or does not recommend each candidate and provide to the Director of Public Safety. The Director of Public Safety and other appropriate management officials will conduct final interviews if necessary. Hiring recommendations will be made only after all required physical, psychological, polygraph and medical testing has been completed.

IV. The Hiring Process

  1. A search report listing the names of the three recommended candidates, with summaries of each candidates strengths as well as dispositions for all other candidates, will be submitted for approval to the VP of the Office of Equity and Diversity and then to the President. Once candidates have been selected to receive offers, the candidates will be notified by the Office of Human Resources. The Human Resources Office will make an offer to the chosen candidate and notify the other applicants that the vacancy has been filled.

Search Procedures - Police Protective Services Trainees.doc, Revised on 09/01/2023

Police Officer/Protective Services search check list