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Counseling and Psychological Services does not explicitly endorse any of the agencies or individuals listed below. We are providing this list solely as a service to those students who wish to explore alternative sources of treatment. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of practitioners in the areas highlighted.

Always check with your insurance company for details of your mental health benefits. Important information includes what providers are in and out of your network, your co-pay or co-insurance per session, the maximum amount allowed in any calendar year for out-patient treatment and any limitations on what types of services are covered.

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Searchable and Referral Resource

Black Mental Health Practitioners

Psychology Today

Embrace Hope Expect Change Project

SMART Recovery

Start Your Recovery

Find Support Groups

Browse the complete Service Directory for all programs and services, or visit their Learning Center. Find local Services by going to the Advanced Search Tab and put in your zip code.

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Off-campus Referrals

What to say when you make the call

Many times you will be prompted to leave a message on an answering machine. If they don't ask you for certain information, use the guide below to help place the call.

"Hello, my name is ______________ and I found your number through my (insurance company, my current counselor, online, etc). I'd like to discuss the possibility of working with you. Please call me back at ________________ (leave contact #). The best time to reach me is __________________(leave your range, something like before noon or after 2 pm). Thank you."

Be sure to have questions written down, so when they call you back you can ask them. These might be some topics you would like to touch on.

  • I have _____________(name your insurance). Do you accept my insurance? What are your fees and payment policies? Do you directly bill my insurance? Do I need to have my appointments pre-approved?
  • I am dealing with ________________(stress and anxiety, depression, grief, etc.), is this something you work with?
  • I am most comfortable working with (male or female) counselor, can you accommodate this request?
  • I will need directions to your office; how do I get there? Is it on a bus route, or is there available parking

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Agency/Group Practices

Agency or Individual

  • Natchaug Hospital Programs
    151 Storrs Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250
    (various locations/ Programs) 860-456-1311
  • Northeast Clinical Specialists
    155 Storrs Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250 860-456-4442
  • United Services
    132 Mansfield Avenue Willimantic, CT 06226 860-456-2261
  • Generations Family Health Center
    40 Mansfield Avenue, 2nd Floor, Willimantic, CT 06226 860-450-0585
  • Perception Programs, Inc.
    54 North Street, Willimantic, CT 06226 860-450-7122
  • Community Health Resources (CHR)
433 Valley Street, Willimantic, CT 06226 860.456.7200
  • Inlight Professional Counseling Services, LLC
29 Ivanhill St. Willimantic, CT 06239 860-774-0215

Local Private Practice Counselors

  • Lauriann Zane LADC
    322 Main St. ,Willimantic CT. 06226 860-933-1356 1.1 miles 
  • Stephanie Smith, LPC
    322 Main St. ,Willimantic CT. 06226 860-208-6436 1.1 miles 
  • Holly Wells, LCSW
    323 Main St., Willimantic CT. 06226 860-529-5506 1.1 miles 
  • Amanda Risley, LPC
    324 Main St., Willimantic CT. 06226 860-933-9937 1.1 miles 
  • Susan Barone, LCSW
    325 Main St. ,Willimantic CT. 06226 860.208.3813 1.1 miles 
  • Lynn Dove, LCSW
    12C Ledgebrook Dr, Ste 3, Mansfield CTR 06250 860-423-3065 1.7 miles
  • Igor Espittia, LCSW (spanish speaking)
    134A Conantville Rd. Mansfield Ctr 860-208-8386 1.9 miles
  • Jonathan Schreiber
    147 Coventry Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250 860-931-5054 2.1 miles
  • Archna Khattar, LMFT
    132 Conantville Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250 860-655-2048 2.1 miles
  • Elena C. Schreiber, LMFT
    147 Coventry Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250 860-786-8108 2.1 miles
  • Marianne Carroll, LADC
    387 Tuckie Road, North Windham 860 423 4279 2.5 miles
  • Timothy Carroll, LCSW
    388 Tuckie Road, North Windham 860 423 4279 2.5 miles
  • Michael Luongo, LPC, LLC
    267 Willimantic Road, Suite 5, Chaplin CT 06235 860 455 9812 – ext 3 4.8 miles
  • Michelle Allison, LMFT
    638 Browns Road, Storrs-Mansfield, CT 06268 860-933-5072 6 miles
  • Joe Freeman, MDiv, LCSW
    1173 Main Street, Coventry, CT 860-634-3405 6 miles
  • Ruth Freeman, LCSW
    196 Davis Road, Storrs, CT 06268 860-933-1371 6.1 miles
  • Joe Freeman, MDiv, LCSW
    196 Davis Road, Storrs, CT 06268 860-634-3405 6.1 miles
  • Erica Diamond, MA, LMFT
    1066 Storrs Road, Storrs, CT 06268 860-933-0483 6.3 miles