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Resources at Eastern

A variety of supportive resources are available on campus and in the community to assist you in dealing with sexual assault and interpersonal violence. These resources are available whether you are a residential or commuter student, and whether the incident occurred on campus or off campus.

Eastern and its community partners provide a range of services, resources, and mechanisms for you. In all cases, you have the choice to begin with an exploratory conversation. Making contact does not obligate you to press charges. For information on your options, you are encouraged to contact any of the following contacts. To go to a particular section, click one of the tabs below:

  • A variety of accommodations can be made for those affected by sexual assault and interpersonal violence. These can include special academic support services, class re-assignments, extensions on deadlines, temporary living arrangements, and other campus-based changes.

    The Dean of Student Affairs
    Kemesha Wilmot,  Dean of Students
    Gelsi and Young Hall, Room 222

    The Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences
    Amy Coffey, Associate Dean

    Housing and Residential Life
    Angela Bazin, Director
    Wood Hall, Room 245

    University Victim Advocate
    Starsheemar Byrum, Director
    Student Center, Room 116


  • Regardless of your decision to report the crime to police or to the university, you are encouraged to receive medical support. All injuries are not visible. Sexual assault may put you at risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection. Women may also be at risk for pregnancy. You can request the assistance of a SAIV-RT member provided by the university and/or a member of the Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Eastern Connecticut (SACCEC) who will come to the Emergency Room at the hospital.

    If you choose to have evidence collected, you should try not to wash, bathe, shower, douche, comb hair, change clothes, eat, drink, smoke, brush teeth, or go to the bathroom before going to the hospital. It is recommended that evidence be collected within the first 72 hours of the assault.

    Student Health Services

    Associate Director
    185 Birch Street

    Windham Community Memorial Hospital

    Sexual Assault Forensic Nurse Examiner
    112 Mansfield Avenue

  • It is important to take good care of yourself. Give yourself time and know that it is never too late to get help. You can schedule an appointment with these services during normal business hours. Spiritual counseling is also available. Campus ministries include Catholic, Jewish, Methodist, Independent, and Congregational.

    Counseling and Psychological Services

    Dr. Bryce Crasper, Director
    182 High Street

    The Women’s Center

    Starsheemar Byrum, Director
    Student Center, Room 116

    Campus Ministry

    Father Larry LaPointe
    290 Prospect Street
    (860) 423-0856

  • We encourage you to report any incidents to the Eastern Police Department. This will initiate your path to justice and could also help you heal. Contacting the police does not require you to file a formal report or press charges. The decision to report to the police is yours, and you will not be pressured to report, to not report or to under-report. In response to reports of sexual assault and violence, the university seeks to provide services for you, to provide due process for the accused and to protect the campus from the threat of such incidents. Judicial Affairs is responsible for the overall coordination of the student conduct process. They can also assist in accommodating you with a housing change, a class reassignment, a no-contact directive, extensions on class assignments, and others changes as appropriate.

    University Police Department
    Public Safety Building

    Willimantic Police Department
    42 Meadow Street, Windham, CT
    24-Hour Non-Emergency
    Administration and Reports

    Office of Equity and Diversity
    Dr. LaMar Coleman, Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity, Title IX Coordinator
    Gelsi and Young Hall, Room 255

    Office of Student Conduct
    Dwayne Cameron, Director
    Wood Support Services Center, Room 240

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