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SAIV-RT Members

Eastern Connecticut State University’s Sexual Assault & Interpersonal Violence Response Team (SAIV-RT) is a campus and community-based team dedicated to creating and maintaining a campus environment free of all forms of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. The Team is committed to providing trauma-informed response, advocacy, prevention, intervention, and support to restore safety of students who experience interpersonal violence. 

The SAIV Response and Resource Team

Co-led by the the Title IX Coordinator, Sara Madera (Response Team) and the Director of the Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing, Starsheemar Byrum (Resource Team). 

SAIV-RT provides an efficient and supportive response to victims. Through SAIV-RT, the campus community has many safe and supportive resources including confidential options to report sexual assault and to receive assistance, medical help, counseling, advocacy, and academic intervention following a sexual assault. All members of the SAIV-RT will use discretion and honor confidentiality to the best of their ability.

*These members are empowered by law to maintain confidentiality.

  • Contact: Dr. LaMar Coleman, Vice President of the Office of Equity & Diversity and Chief Title IX Officer  
    Services: LaMar investigates complaints made by any Eastern employees or students who believe themselves to be harmed by sexual harassment and interpersonal violence. Students may initiate action against administrators, faculty, staff, and other students through this office. In addition, he investigates Title IX complaints against the university and complaints of retaliation related to Title IX violations.
    Location: Gelsi Young Hall, Room 255
    Phone: 860-465-0072

    Contact: Sara Madera, Title IX Coordinator 
    Location: Gelsi Young Hall, Room 253
    Phone: 860-465-5012

  • Contact: Dr. Bryce Crapser, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services *
    Services: Bryce directs and oversees CAPS and works with therapists and counseling staff at CAPS to provide both immediate crisis intervention and therapy to victims of interpersonal violence including but not limited to sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. Even if the incident happened prior to the victim’s time at Eastern, these staff members can still provide counseling and psychological services to those who need it. Counseling staff can be accessed by appointment.
    Location: CAPS Building, 182 High Street
    Phone: 860-465-0181

    Protocol: After hours crisis support is available via ProtoCall by calling (860) 465-0181

  • Contact: Lieutenant Tim Viens at the Eastern Police Department
    Services: Both Detective Viens and Sergeant Hamilton serve on Eastern's SAIV-RT. In cases of relationship violence, sexual assault and stalking, they are as primary contacts to be of assistance the reporter throughout the investigation. The Eastern Police Department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be contacted anonymously through the confidential hotline at 860-465-0242.
    Location: Public Safety Building, 44 Charter Oak Road, Room 205
    Phone: 860-465-5310

  • Contact: Dwayne Cameron, Director of the Office of Student Conduct
    Services: Dwayne handles reports of violations of the Student Code of Conduct and provides advisement to both parties involved. Students may initiate a report, if they experience interpersonal violence, against a student or a student group through this office.
    Location: Wood Hall, Room 240
    Phone: 860-465-0063

  • Contact: Associate Director of Student Health Services *
    Services: The Associate Director helps to ensure accessible health services and follow-up care for current students who are victims of violence. She can conduct testing for STIs and pregnancy, and can provide emergency contraception if requested. Physicians and nurses can be accessed by appointment. For urgent care and medical emergencies, call 911.
    Location: Health Services Building, 185 Birch Street, Room 102
    Phone: 860-465-5263

These resources collaborate with the SAIV-RT of Eastern Connecticut State University, but are not part of campus. They still maintain confidentiality. Information is kept strictly confidential and will not be released, under any circumstances, without the written consent of the student or employee.

The SAIV Resource Team

The Sexual Assault Resource Team provides assessments and safety planning along with the assistance and support of the Response Team. The Resource Team also helps to provide outreach programming and educational materials to the larger Eastern campus community. All members of the SAIV-RT will use discretion and honor confidentiality to the best of their ability. * These members are empowered by law to maintain confidentiality.

  • Contact: Kemesha Wilmot, Dean of Students
    Services: Kemesha assists victims with academic and personal concerns that arise after an incident of interpersonal violence or sexual harassment. Along with other student services, Kemesha supervises Student Affairs units including the Intercultural Center, the Pride Room and the Women’s Center.
    Gelsi Young Hall, Room 222
    Phone: 860-465-5247

  • Contact: Starsheemar Byrum, Director of the Women's Center, Coordinator of the SAIV-RT
    Services: Starsheemar provides advocacy, supportive services including accompaniment during reporting and investigations, information and referral services to survivors of past, present or attempted: intimate partner violence, sexual violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. The staff and student ambassadors of the Women’s Center provide supportive services to all students through special events, interactive workshops, guest-lectures, and panel discussions.
    Location: Student Center, Room 116
    Phone 1: 860-465-4314
    Phone 2: 860-465-4313
  • Contact: Brooks K. Scavone (She/They), Director of The Office of AccessAbility Services (OAS)
    Services:  Brooks works alongside OAS staff members to provide both Academic and Housing related Accommodations to folks with documented disabilities. Survivors experiencing barriers in their daily lives due to their trauma/ or lived experience may qualify for accommodations. The OAS works to ensure that students with documented disabilities receive equitable access to their education. OAS does so by providing legally mandated accommodations, as well as, support services. For example, The OAS Support Program (OASSP), available to all Eastern students, is a peer coaching program aimed to assist in student driven appointments regarding either academic or social skills. Finally, the OAS utilizes best practices, in both Disability Services in Higher Education and Student Affairs, to facilitate conversations and implement guidance regarding Universal Design, Accessibility, Assistance Technology, and campus wide education on disability culture, identity and discrimination issues.
  • Contact: Angela Bazin, Director of Housing and Residential Life
    Services: Angela provides students impacted by interpersonal violence with alternatives to on-campus residential living. Angela oversees the residence halls, and works to ensure that all Hall Directors, Resident Assistants and Office Assistants receive ongoing training on the issues of interpersonal violence. Accommodations include providing relocation and on-campus temporary living arrangements.
    Wood Hall, Room 243
    Phone: 860-465-0072

  • Contact: Amy Coffey, Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences
    Services: Amy meets the educational needs of students impacted by interpersonal violence. She serves as liaison to the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education and Professional Studies, and faculty in all academic departments. She addresses the unique needs of victim-survivors, such as academic support, the need for make-up exams, extensions on deadlines for class withdrawal or credit/no credit, and the coordination of withdrawal from the university.
    Location: Webb Hall, Room 263
    Phone: 860-465-5383

  • Father Larry LaPointe, Catholic Minister at the Interfaith Campus Ministry *
    Services: Father Larry engages in all aspects of faith life on campus and provides support to those who may have experienced interpersonal violence. He can discuss reporting options, available resources, and rights. Information is kept strictly confidential and will not be released, under any circumstances, without the written consent of the student or employee.
    Newman Hall, 290 Prospect Street
    Phone: 860-423-0856

  • Contact: Victim Advocates at SACCEC *
    The Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Eastern Connecticut is a private, non-profit agency offering free and confidential, comprehensive services to victims of sexual assault and abuse. SACCEC is a member center of the Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services (CONNSACS), the statewide coalition of sexual assault crisis agencies. Advocates are available 24/7. Information is kept strictly confidential and will not be released, under any circumstances, without the written consent of the student or employee.
    Location: 90 South Park Street, Willimantic, CT 06226
    Phone 1: 860-456-2789
    Phone 2: 1-888-999-5545

  • Contact: Victim Advocates at United Services Inc. *
    United Services Inc. provides domestic violence shelters and services throughout Northeastern Connecticut. The Domestic Violence Program offers an array of services designed for families to become free of abuse. Advocates are available 24/7. Information is kept strictly confidential and will not be released, under any circumstances, without the written consent of the student or employee.
    132 Mansfield Avenue, Willimantic, CT 06226
    Phone 1:
    Phone 2: 860-456-9476

  • Contact: The Staff at OVS
    Services: The Office of Victim Services is the state’s leading agency in providing supportive services to victims of violent crimes, such as stalking, sexual assault, domestic violence, and homicide. Services include, crime victim compensation, court-based victim advocates, toll-free helplines, community education and training programs, and sexual assault forensic examinations.
    Location: 225 Spring Street, Fourth Floor, Wethersfield, CT 06109
    Phone: 1-800-822-8428

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