Women’s Center

The Women’s Center is a safe space that serves to advance the personal growth and intellectual development of all students and staff, mainly by examining gender relations in today’s society. The Center hosts workshops and guest speakers throughout the year that discuss a variety of topics including body image, diversity in the media, reproductive health, and dating violence. While women are the primary focus of the Center’s work, programs also exist for male and gender non-conforming students. Everyone is welcome at the Center and encouraged to check out the upcoming events.

Department Office
Coordinator, Emma Blandford
Student Center, Arthur L. Johnson Wing, Room 114B
phone number(860) 465-5510
Main Office:
Student Center, Room 116

Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Graduate Assistant, Courtney Mayberry
Student Center, Arthur L. Johnson Wing, Room 114
phone number(860) 465-4313