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Rights of Those Who Report

Those who report any type of sexual misconduct to any BOR governed college or university employee will be informed in a timely manner of all their rights and options, including the necessary steps and potential outcomes of each option. When choosing a reporting resource the following information should be considered:

  • All reports of sexual misconduct will be treated seriously and with dignity by the institution.
  • Referrals to off-campus counseling and medical services that are available immediately and confidential, whether or not those who report feel ready to make any decisions about reporting to police, a college or university employee or the campus’s Title IX Coordinator.
  • Those who have been the victim of sexual misconduct have the right to take both criminal and civil legal action against the individual allegedly responsible.
  • Those who seek confidentiality may contact a clergy member(s), a University counseling center psychologist, a University health center care provider, the Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Connecticut and/or the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence − all of whom are bound by state statutes and professional ethics to maintain confidentiality without written releases.
  • The colleges and universities will provide assistance to those involved in a report of sexual misconduct, including but not limited to, reasonably available options for changing academic, campus transportation, housing or working situations as well as honoring lawful protective or temporary restraining orders. Each and every BOR governed college and university shall create and provide information specific to its campus detailing the procedures to follow after the commission of such violence, including people or agencies to contact for reporting purposes or to request assistance, and information on the importance of preserving physical evidence.

  • It is BOR policy that whenever a college or university Title IX Coordinator or other employee receives a report that a student, faculty or staff member has been subjected to sexual misconduct, the Title IX Coordinator or other employee shall immediately provide the student, faculty or staff member with contact information for and, if requested, professional assistance in accessing and using any appropriate campus resources, or local advocacy, counseling, health, and mental health services. All CSCU campuses shall develop and distribute contact information for this purpose as well as provide such information on-line.
  • Those who report being subjected to sexual misconduct shall be provided written information about her/his right to:

    1. Notify law enforcement and receive assistance from campus authorities in making the notification; and
    2. Obtain a protective order, apply for a temporary restraining order or seek enforcement of an existing order. Such orders include:
      • Standing criminal protective orders
      • Protective orders issued in cases of stalking, harassment, sexual assault, or risk of injury to or impairing the morals of a child
      • Temporary restraining orders or protective orders prohibiting the harassment of a witness
      • Family violence protective orders
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