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Safety & Health Committee

Eastern has a Safety & Health Committee with members representing a broad cross section of the campus community. Section 31-40v of the Connecticut General Statutes outlines the establishment of safety and health committees and requires that every covered employer administer this group to promote health and safety in places of employment. The purpose of this regulation is to specify rules for establishing and administering committees which will bring employers and employees together in a non-adversarial, cooperative, and effective effort to promote safety and health at each work site.

This committee meets monthly during the academic year to discuss any health or safety matters that come to their attention and makes recommendations or requests to remediate any identified issues.

REMEMBER TO DIAL 911 to address any immediate health or safety matters. Please feel free to contact any of the current committee members to address a campus health or safety concern.

  • (Vacant)-Human Resources
  • Angela Bazin-Housing
  • John Bazin-Registrars
  • Cynthia Brokaw-Clerical
  • Elizabeth Cowles-Biology
  • Ed Figiela-Facilities Management & Planning
  • Stephen Tavares-Public Safety
  • Bill Geitner-Athletics
  • Eric Germain-Environmental Health & Safety
  • Silas Gray-Biology
  • Renee Keech-Facilities Management & Planning
  • Cedric Lindsey-Facilities Management & Planning
  • Christine McCarthy-Health Services
  • Patricia McCarthy-Family Center
  • Joe Salvaggio-Food Services
  • Brooks Scavone-Office of AccessAbility Services
  • Jason Wadecki-Fine Arts Instructional Center