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Run-Hide-Fight Video

If a Hostile Intruder is Present on Campus

The following is an overview of steps that can be taken if a hostile intruder is present on campus. More information on the university’s comprehensive response to a range of emergency situations can be found at:


Quickly determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life.

  • RUN
    • Have an escape route plan in
    • Leave your
    • Keep your hands
  • HIDE
    • Hide in an area out of the suspect’s
    • Block entry to your hiding place and lock all
    • (As a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger).
    • Attempt to incapacitate the
    • Act with physical aggression and throw items at the

Hostile intruder inside a building:

  • DO NOT pull a fire
  • Lock and barricade the doors to the room and turn off the lights
  • Close or lower blinds, if
  • Silence cell phones and other electronic devices and turn off radios and computer monitors.
  • Stay out of sight of windows and
  • Stay in hiding until a police officer gives an “All Clear” notification.

 Hostile intruder observed outside a building:

  • Run away from the threat as fast as you
  • Do not run in a straight
  • Keep objects or buildings between you and the threatening individual.
  • If you can, get away from the area of immediate danger and warn others not to enter.
  • If the hostile intruder is near you and causing great harm, hide if possible.

Dial 911 and report when safe to do so:

If not safe to speak, Dial 911 and leave the line open so the police can listen to what is taking place.

Remain calm and if it is safe to speak, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your location, name and contact
  • The number of gunmen/hostile intruders and their description, if possible
  • The type of weapons involved (knife, handgun, long gun, etc
  • The location of the gunmen/hostile intruders and their direction of movement
  • The number of potential victims

When law enforcement arrives:

Your attention to Law Enforcement officers is vital for survival, so it is important to remain calm and follow their instructions.

After putting down any handheld items such as bags, backpacks, jackets, etc. , immediately raise your hands and spread your fingers. Always keep your hands visible and avoid making quick movements towards officers, grabbing onto them or pointing, screaming or yelling at them.

DO NOT stop and ask officers for directions or help when evacuating, just proceed in the direction from which the officers are entering the scene.


Arriving officers will not stop to help injured persons, as their response is to stop the active shooter, so be cognizant of this. Rescue teams comprised of additional

officers and other emergency medical personnel will treat and remove any injured persons. They may call upon able-bodied individuals to assist them in removing the wounded from the premises.

Once you have reached a safe location or an assembly point, you will likely be detained in that area by Law Enforcement until the situation is secure and all witnesses have been identified and questioned.

DO NOT leave until released by law enforcement authorities.