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What is LiveSafe?

LiveSafe is an app that promotes and encourages safety on your college campus. Our goal is for students to be able to communicate directly to dispatchers and campus public safety officials quickly and comfortably in their time of need. Features included are...


Track your friends or have your friends track you to ensure a safe return to your destination.


Make instant, anonymous or identified reports for emergencies, suspicious activity, sexual assault/harassment, or other issues.

Mental Health

Get in touch with trained professionals that will help you with any mental health concerns or needs.


University resources and guidelines including maps, emergency procedures, support offices, and more all accessible in one place.


Download Now!

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    1. Download the app on your iPhone or Android phone.
    2. Make sure to select the “LiveSafe” App and open it.
    3. Register your mobile phone and Eastern e-mail (required).
    4. Select “Eastern Connecticut State University” as your affiliation.
    5. LiveSafe will send you a text or an e-mail with a confirmation code that you must enter to verify your affiliation.
    6. You will be asked to create an account by entering your first/last name and a password for your LiveSafe profile.
    7. You will be sent an e-mail to verify your account/profile information (if the e-mail goes to your junk mailbox please move it to your inbox to properly confirm it).
    8. Answer a few setup questions (you can change these settings in the future).
    9. You’re set! Start using the app to stay safe every day.
  • Where does my information go?

    All information is locked up in the LiveSafe database where no one can access it except the CEO, who needs a subpoena to do so.

    Is LiveSafe actually anonymous?

    Yes! Dispatchers can only see what tips you make, and do not know who you are unless you identify yourself.

    How do reports work?

    It is a two-way communication system between you and a safety official. You can review your messaging history at any time in addition to not having to track down the same official you communicated with when you close and open the app.

    Is this a preventative app of an emergency app?

    It is more preventative than emergency, but it can be both. Though it is not a substitute for 911, the app does work congruently with both non-emergency and emergency circumstances.