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Zone Maintenance

Zone Maintenance: Each of our Zone Shops are responsible for the first response repair and maintenance of their assigned buildings.

    Building/Location Zone Assigned To
    Admissions Building 2 Cummings, David
    Athletic Support Building 2 Cummings, David
    Baseball Complex 2 Cummings, David
    Beckert Hall 4 Lindsey, Cedric
    Burnap Hall 1 Young, Elmer
    Burr Hall 4 Lindsey, Cedric
    Campus Police 3 Juliani, Randy
    Campus-Wide Work Orders 2nd Llanes, Jose
    Campus-Wide HVAC Issues 2nd Liskiewicz, Charles
    Cervantes Garage (North/Old) N/A Grounds
    Child & Family Dev Resource Ctr 3 Juliani, Randy
    Constitution Hall (SRV1) 4 Lindsey, Cedric
    Crandall Hall 1 Young, Elmer
    Eastern Hall 2 Cummings, David
    Emergency Repairs 2nd Llanes, Jose
    Facilities Building 3 Juliani, Randy
    Facilities Warehouse 3 Juliani, Randy
    Fine Arts Building 6 Quintana, Juan
    Foster Building 2nd Llanes, Jose
    Gelsi-Young Hall 6 Quintana, Juan
    Goddard Hall 2 Cummings, David
    Grant House 3 Juliani, Randy
    Health Center 5 Canfield, Charles
    Heating Plant 2 Cummings, David
    High Rise Apartments (WSA) 5 Canfield, Charles
    High Street Houses 3 Juliani, Randy
    Hurley Hall 2 Cummings, David
    Knight House 4 Lindsey, Cedric
    Laurel Hall (SRV3) 2nd Llanes, Jose
    Library 2 Cummings, David
    Low Rise Apartments (WSA) 5 Canfield, Charles
    Mead Hall (RVA) 3 Juliani, Randy
    Media Bldg (Communications) 2 Cummings, David
    Niejadlik Hall (RVB) 1 Young, Elmer
    Noble Hall 4 Lindsey, Cedric
    Nutmeg Hall (SRV2) 5 Canfield, Charles
    Occum Hall 1 Young, Elmer
    Planetarium 2 Cummings, David
    Prospect Street, 333 4 Lindsey, Cedric
    Science Building 6 Quintana, Juan
    Shafer Hall 4 Lindsey, Cedric
    Shakespeare Garage (South/New) N/A Grounds
    Sports Center 2 Cummings, David
    Student Center 2 Cummings, David
    Webb Hall 2 Cummings, David
    Winthrop Hall 4 Lindsey, Cedric
    Wood Support Svcs Center 2 Cummings, David
    Rev.: 3/16/17

Office Contacts

Zone MaintenanceSupervisor:
Matthew Bouthillier
Facilities Bldg

General Trades Worker
Elmer Young - Zone 1
(860) 465-4687

General Trades Worker
Andrew White - Zone 2
(860) 465-5390

General Trades Worker
Randy Juliani - Zone 3
(860) 465-4991

General Trades Worker
Jeremy Morin - Zone 4

General Trades Worker
Jose Llanes - 2nd Shift Zone

General Trades Worker
Nick Krukoff - Zone 5
(860) 465-5535

General Trades Worker
David Blanchette - Zone 6