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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dispose of equipment?

If you have a piece of computer related equipment and you want it fixed or removed, please submit a work order to the IT Helpdesk by sending an email to

If you have a piece of non-computer related equipment and would like to have it moved or removed, please have the department chair or director submit a work order through the Facilities Work Order Request Form.

There are no forms that you have to fill out to dispose of equipment. However, if the equipment is scientific equipment and requires decontamination prior to disposal, you will have to provide proof that it has been decontaminated before we will take it away.

How do I initiate a project?

Small repairs and minor changes can be initiated through the work order request process. Changes of more than a routine nature will require consultation with Renee Theroux-Keech, Director of Facilities Management & Planning who will evaluate the project and determine if funding is available.

How do I request additional space?

There is a request form and procedures available here. There is a space committee that will evaluate space requests. The committee includes Dr. Dimitrios Pachis, Stephen Nelson, Dean Carmen Cid, Dean Jaime Gomez, Renee Theroux-Keech, Ed Figiela, Ken Bedini, Liz Cowles and Jim Howarth. Space Requests should be mailed to Renee Theroux-Keech who will schedule a meeting of the space committee after initial analysis has been done.

How do I recycle empty printer and copier toner ink cartridges?

Our Shipping and Receiving department will assist you with recycling of empty printer and copier toner ink cartridges. Please submit a Facilities Work Order Request Form.