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Kelsey Fuller ’15

Music Major

Kelsey is pursuing a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology at the University of Colorado Boulder while serving as a part-time instructor. Kelsey’s research explores self-representation, gender discourses, and activism in Sámi popular music, post-WWII politics in Swedish folk-jazz, and cultural exchange between Sweden and the United States. “Eastern’s Music program supports the university’s liberal arts initiative, and offers diverse opportunities and classes that help students like me realize new interests, perspectives and possibilities. With the support of the music faculty at Eastern, I pursued my interests in various styles of music performance, composition and research within the field of ethnomusicology. I was prepared and encouraged to pursue my studies further at the graduate level.  As a Ph.D. student, I am continuing to develop some of the research that I began as an undergraduate under the mentorship of several Eastern music faculty members.”

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Kelsey Fuller
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