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Darianne Mastricola ’17

English Major, Women’s Studies Minor

Darianne is the social media and marketing coordinator at M&T Printing and Embroidery in New Jersey. She is also pursuing her master’s degree in school counseling at Montclair State University. “School counseling is ultimately what I want to do. I feel like the women’s studies program helped me find my voice, and I’m thankful for having my eyes opened.

“My women’s studies education and my Eastern experience has definitely prepared me for success in my current job. I learned so much at school on an educational level; it not only has made me qualified for my job, but I also learned that as a woman in business, you have to be conscious of your actions at all times.  My professors within the Women’s Studies program carried themselves in ways that showed how a woman should conduct herself. This taught me a valuable lesson on how to project myself in a workplace setting. In our society, different groups of people are treated differently, especially in the workplace. Although discrimination and harassment can happen to anyone, I have seen this personally. After being part of the Women’s Studies program, I realized how proud I am to be a woman. During the program, I had some amazing experiences, including attending the March on Washington, D.C.” 

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Darianne Mastricola
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