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Brielle Heinl ’13

Psychology Major

Brielle was selected to participate in a Global Autism Project in China in July 2019.  One of only four people selected from hundreds of applicants, she recently finished her master’s degree in Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis from Capella University.

Brielle volunteered at Huicong School in Nanchang, China, for two weeks in July 2019. Huicong provides 1:1 services for children with autism in a classroom setting and currently serves 128 students. “Huicong was founded by a mother of a child with autism,” explained Heinl. “The mother continues to be a passionate advocate for children with autism throughout Nanchang and all of China, where there is an urgent need for increased awareness of autism and access to services.”

Her career goal is to become a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and serve children with autism in a school system. She has been working in the field since graduating from Eastern, while earning her master’s degree and logging the required supervision hours to sit for the BCBA exam. She completed her degree in March 2019.

“Attending Eastern shaped who I am and how I work with individuals with autism,” said Brielle. “Classes at Eastern are where my love for psychology and ABA began. Thanks to an exceptional Psychology Department, I was able to hold two amazing internships within the field of psychology. My professors supported my passion in the field and helped me gain as much experience as possible.”

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Brielle Heinl
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