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Requesting Testing Accommodations

Student and Faculty Information


Students must provide formal documentation and have prior approval of testing accommodations through the OAS before submitting a testing accommodation. Please note that testing accommodations are not retroactive. 

Follow the steps below to submit a testing accommodation request.

1. Visit Accommodate Symplicity Login

2. Enter your full email address and email password. This log in information is the same as all your other Eastern accounts.

3. Select ‘Testing Room’ on the left menu. Then click ‘New Booking Request’.

4. Choose the course from the dropdown menu from which you are booking an exam. Select "Check Availability." 

5. DO NOT enter date or time range. The range to book will self-populate.

6. Final Exam? Answer yes or no.

7. Then click ‘Yes’ for Amount of Time Allotted in Class.

8. Choose the length the class is allowed to complete the quiz or test.(You will be prompted to select the time block later in this sequence and your extended  time will be automatically added)                                                                      

9. Leave ‘Building’ blank. In the ‘Rooms’ section click on OAS Testing Center.

10. Leave ‘Days of the Week’ blank. 

11. Click “Check Availability’ to view options. Select your time block: 8:30am, 11:00am, or 2:00pm   

You will then see this screen


12. Confirm your exam booking and submit Request.

In this section you will see your approved testing accommodations.     


Faculty Information

    1. Visit Accommodate Symplicity Login
    2. Select "Faculty."
    3. Enter your full email address and email password.
    4. The home screen is shown below. Select "Courses."
    5. Select the semester and course you wish to open.
    6. Select "Room Bookings."
    7. Select the "Pending" tab to view pending requests and open the request you wish to respond to by selecting the student's name.
    8. Review the student's requested date and time and select "Reviewed and Approve."
    9. Before submitting, select "Upload New Exam." The student will not be able to view the exam. Please provide additional details on exam allowances and preferred delivery methods.

    10. Select "Submit." Please note: the request will not move from your pending tab until an OAS Staff Member approves it.