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Academic Extensions

The following information provides an overview of absences, deadline extensions and other information regarding steps to initiate when students with disabilities are unable to fulfill coursework deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances. The OAS does not approve absences, deadline extensions, withdrawals, or leave of absences. If you are registered with the OAS and plan to pursue any of these courses of action, you will need to contact the corresponding department or office; however, you may also notify the OAS so that we may update your academic status and provide guidance if needed.

Absences and Deadline Extensions

The OAS does not include extensions on deadlines or assignments as an accommodation. If you are a student registered with the OAS and have a diagnosis that is cyclical in nature with symptoms that render unforeseen exacerbations, the OAS may assist and help guide communication between the student and the instructor.

Students with this specific type of diagnosis are responsible for initiating communication with the instructor and informing the OAS as soon as possible. Please note that typically, assignment deadlines may not be extended if it alters the fundamental requirements of the course, or if the assignment deadline is outlined in the syllabus and ample time is provided to complete the assignment.

Withdrawal from Courses or University

All students seeking a withdrawal must contact the Registrar’s Office. Review the Withdrawal from Courses web page for more information on how to initiate this process.

Late Credit/No Credit and Withdrawal From Course Requests After Deadline

Students facing exentuatiang circusmtances are highly encouraged to discuss this with a faculty advisor and/or an academic advisor. Visit the Late CNC and WRequest web page for further review. 

Leave of Absence

Students seeking a leave of absence, may refer to the Leave of Absence web page for detailed information on how to initiate this process.

Incomplete Grades

The OAS does not approve Incomplete grades. Students must initiate direct contact with instructors to seek permission for an Incomplete grade. Students are required to fulfill all course requirements within the time frame deemed necessary by the instructor. More information is available on the Incomplete Grades web page.