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Placement Testing

Students are placed in the appropriate first-year writing course after the English department reviews their writing placement essays. In these essays, students present an argument, explaining which first-year writing course they believe is right for them and why.
The two first-year writing courses are: 

  • ENG 100, College Writing, 3 credits, 3 hours per week: This course teaches students how to write for various rhetorical situations in academic and non-academic genres that are shaped by the audiences and purposes of their writing. Students learn to analyze texts and ideas critically and to synthesize and respond to the ideas of others. Students also gain practice conducting different types of research, making logical connections among sources, and writing about those connections in an ethical manner. In addition, students learn to reflect critically on their writing and themselves as writers to encourage independent writing and revision in the future.
  • ENG 100P, College Writing Plus, 5 credits, 5 hours per week: This course incorporates a two-hour writing lab that affords students additional time to work with their instructor and trained peer tutors to meet the goals and expectations of the course, which are the same as English 100: see above.

For more information about these courses, please visit the English 100/100P page.
For more information about the placement process, please contact the Advising Center.