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Stage 1 Requirements, English 100 or English 100Plus?

At Eastern, we allow incoming students to decide which Intro to College Writing course works best for them. Please read the following information, which explains the two course offerings, carefully and then complete the writing prompt.

For incoming students who have taken the equivalent of Intro to College Writing at another accredited college or university or have taken an AP English Composition exam and earned a 3 or higher, please send those official records to the university so that we can record that your college writing requirement is completed. When you complete this form, please make note of these forthcoming official records.

Explanation of English 100 (ENG 100) and English 100 Plus (ENG 100P)

English 100 and English 100P are the same course -- they are both taught using the same curriculum, the same methods, and with the same course outcomes. The difference in these two courses is the time spent in class as well as the time spent engaging in supported peer review and workshopping of your writing. Please read below for a more thorough explanation of each course, which will help you make a decision about which one is best for you.

ENG 100 is a three-credit course; therefore, it meets three hours a week. During a typical class, you will be introduced to and provided practice in various writing strategies and you and your classmates will engage in other activities designed to help you better understand different genres and writing situations for your college classes and beyond. We hope that students in English 100 will get a great deal of support from their instructor both in class and during office hours or scheduled conferences. If you enroll in English 100, you may also see tutors at the Writing Center for additional help or feedback.

ENG 100P is a five-credit course, and therefore meets five hours a week. The two extra hours are designated for “lab time,” which are held by your instructor with the support of two Peer Writing Tutors. Class time is spent in the same way described above and the lab time may be used for a variety of purposes, including drafting and revising your writing, working with other students on peer review and response, and consulting with Peer Writing Tutors or your instructor. During the lab, you might participate in small-group as well as individual activities that will support you as you tackle the more challenging college-level writing projects that are required for successful completion of the first-year writing requirement. The Peer Writing Tutors are also available to you outside of class for additional help and guidance.

The First-Year Writing Portfolio Requirement

Successful completion of either ENG 100 or ENG 100P entails submitting an end-of-course Portfolio. Portfolio assessment is beneficial because it provides clear objectives and evaluative criteria for all first-year writing courses and helps assure that you receive a comparable level and quality of instruction in first-year writing as your peers in other sections. Consider whether you will need more support in composing and submitting this Portfolio -- ENG 100P provides extra time and the assistance of Peer Writing Tutors for this process, while ENG 100 will not.

Writing at Eastern After the First Year

Taking Intro to College Writing is about building a solid foundation for your continuing involvement in writing at Eastern. You will be writing in most of your classes, and chances are that writing well will be essential to success in your major courses and in your career. Because of the importance of writing to your success here at Eastern and beyond, you will complete either ENG 100 or ENG 100P as well as two writing requirements in your chosen major: one at the sophomore/junior-level and one at the junior/senior level. Your academic advisor will be able to provide you with information about these other writing requirements. You can also contact the Director of the University Writing Program, Dr. Rita Malenczyk, if you have questions.

ENG 100 and ENG 100P Placement Process

After you complete the Writing Placement prompt, your choice in course and written response will be sent to the Director of First Year Writing to confirm your placement. Your placement will be reported to the Advising Center, who will help you register for your courses. When you register for classes, if the placement in the Advising Center’s records does not match the placement you requested, you have two options:

  • You may simply accept the placement readers’ advice and enroll in the course indicated in the placement record; or
  • You may choose not to register for a writing course immediately so that you can appeal the placement decision. Appeals are made by contacting  Rita Malenczyk, Director of the University Writing Program at (860) 465-4573 or via email at and explaining the course you were placed into and the course you would prefer to take.

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure about which writing course to take, you should feel free to contact Dr. Rita Malenczyk, Director of the University Writing Program at (860) 465-4573 or via email at with your questions or concerns.