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Spanish Major Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of a B.A. in Spanish, students will be able to meet, at a minimum, an advanced low level language proficiency, as described by the 2012 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Guidelines, as follows:

  • Reading
    • Identify the underlying structure in narrative and descriptive texts
    • Explain the main ideas, and some supporting details of texts

  • Listening
    • Identify underlying structure in oral discourse
    • Recognize the main facts and some supporting details in oral presentations or conversations

  • Writing
    • Meet basic work and/or academic writing needs
    • Narrate and describe in major time frames with some control of aspect
    • Compose simple summaries on familiar topics
    • Combine and link sentences into texts of paragraph length and structure

  • Speaking
    • Handle a variety of communicative tasks
    • Participate in most informal and some formal conversations on topics related to school, home, leisure activities, employment, current events, and matters of public and community interest
    • Narrate and describe in the major time frames of past, present and future in paragraph-length discourse with some control of aspect
    • Combine and link sentences into connected discourse of paragraph length
    • Handle appropriately the essential linguistic challenges presented by a complication or an unexpected turn of events
    • Use communicative strategies such as rephrasing and circumlocution
    • Demonstrate conversation skills with sufficient accuracy, clarity and precision to convey their intended message without misrepresentation or confusion