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Spanish Major: Degree Requirements

Candidates complete a planned program of 36 credits in Spanish, exclusive of introductory-level courses. Courses are chosen in consultation with the major advisor, and areas of emphasis will depend on the student’s preference and objectives. Elective courses in related areas are also chosen in conjunction with the advisor.

An internship program provides advanced students with the opportunity to assist professors at Eastern in introductory and intermediate courses while receiving academic credit. Students may choose a field-experience program in which they work as aides in language classes in the local school systems. They may also receive academic credit for work in other community-based social agencies/businesses or may participate in co-op programs in the United States or abroad.

Required Courses

  • SPA 210 Intermediate Spanish I - 3 credits
  • SPA 211 Intermediate Spanish II - 3 credits
  • SPA 310 Advanced Spanish I - 3 credits
  • SPA 311 Advanced Spanish II - 3 credits
  • SPA 316 Spanish Civilization - 3 credits
  • SPA 318 Latin American Civilization - 3 credits
  • SPA 320^^ Spanish Literature I - 3 credits


  • Choose one course:
    • SPA 321^^ Spanish Literature II - 3 credits
    • SPA 323 Readings in Latin American Literature - 3 credits
    • SPA 365 Hispanic Studies (when topically appropriate) - 3 credits


  • Choose one course:
    • SPA 312^ Spanish Conversation and Composition - 3 credits
    • SPA 313^ Spanish Conversation and Composition II - 3 credits

Major Electives

Choose nine credits from SPA 200 – 499.

A study abroad experience is strongly recommended.

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  • Upon completion of the basic linguistic core, and in close consultation with the department, students will choose from among regular and one-credit courses to complete the rest of the major requirements.
  • Education students are also required to take SPA 430 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages.
  • No Spanish or World Languages and Cultures (WLC) course graded below a 2.0 in courses numbered 200 and above will be allowed for credit toward the 36-credit requirement.
  • Advanced Spanish language students can have up to 6 credits of a Spanish major waived, making the pursuit of a double major more accessible.  Contact the Department Chair for details.
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^meets Stage 2 University Writing Requirement

^^meets Stage 3 University Writing Requirement