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As an employee of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system, you have an obligation to report to the Office of Equity and Diversity if you witness or receive a report of sexual violence, domestic violence, or stalking. Here are some things you should do to support a student who comes to you looking to disclose to you or seeking advice:

• Thank the student for coming to you and trusting you to listen to them. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them
• Inform them of your obligation as a mandated reporter before they disclose to you. Some students may not be ready to report the incident to the university so telling them of your obligation will allow them to decide whether or not they’d like to disclose to you or a confidential support.
• Address any medical concerns, if applicable. Stress the importance of preserving evidence. Inform the student that they do not need to make a report or press charges in order to get medical care.
• Encourage the student to make a report with the Equity and Diversity Office and the police.
• Connect the student to resources found here “There are a number of places on and off campus that can provide you with help, information and support. Detailed information is contained online at Available resources include counseling, or discussing the need for adjustments to courses, work or living situations.”
• Report the information to the Title IX office.

Do NOT promise confidentiality. As a responsible employee, you are not able to keep information disclosed to you confidential. However, you can offer privacy and discretion.

Do NOT try to investigate the information shared with you or try to mediate the situation between the people involved.

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Reporting Procedures for Employees

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