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Leap into Leadership

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Leap offers students an opportunity to enhance campus culture by providing leadership training experiences. The programs encourage students to explore their own individual leadership development potential. Student participants will engage in events or in a series of sessions throughout the academic year that will enhance their Liberal Arts experience by exploring topics in line with the University's Core Values.

All interested students must complete the Interest Form which can be found on eWeb on the student services tab. (Click Student Activities and then click LEAP Interest Form).

If you have any questions regarding this program, contact Casey Kensey at or at (860) 465-0198.


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Leap Events


A series of leadership events held throughout the year to help enhance students’ leadership skills. These programs are offered to all students, but specifically target our students who have little to no leadership experience. These events will focus on the importance of leadership, the benefits it can provide and the skills that can be learned outside of the classroom. There will be three large scale events each semester open to all students on campus.


Overcoming Your Fears to Step Up as a Leader
Wednesday, Sept. 15, 3:00 p.m., Student Center Theatre

Leading is hard; doing it without fear is even harder! After reading thousands of students’ written fears, Darryl Bellamy Jr. noticed a pattern. The majority of our leaders’ concerns boiled down into four questions: Am I enough, what if I fail, what will they think, and do I have the resources to succeed? In this program, students can identify their fears in leading fully and see the similarities with their peers in an engaging live program. Students leave more connected with their fellow student leaders and more empowered to take risks to leave a positive legacy. To register, please click here.

First Year Fearless: Building an Unbreakable Foundation
Wednesday, Sept. 15, 7:00 p.m., Student Center BTR

New people, new place, COVID-19 and all it did to your world- it can be scary! This session will allow you to identify your hidden fears about this upcoming year and learn actionable strategies to create a strong foundation, recover from failure and push through self-doubt.

The Cohort


This program is for students who already have leadership experience, but wish to further expand upon their current leadership skills in an 8-week program offered over the course of 9 weeks. Members of the cohort will select a mentor and attend weekly sessions focused on building their foundational skills and learning application strategies. Students must have a minimum of 15 course credits and must commit to the full program to receive 15 priority points.

The cohort will meet on Thursdays in the Student Center from 3:45-5pm beginning September 23, 2021 and ending November 18, 2021.



The Council


The Leap Council is open to students who have a minimum of 60 course credits and who have had extensive leadership experience on campus and/or have completed the Cohort program. Advanced leaders will assist with planning large scale leadership programs and services to benefit the entire campus community. In addition, members will participate in discussions on issues and trends impacting today's students and society. Meetings will create a dynamic space for conversations and collaboration. 

The council will meet on Wednesdays from 1- 2pm starting October 6, 2021 through April 6, 2022. Students must commit to the full program to receive 30 priority points.