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Forms & Policies

A healthy financial structure is an important factor in student organization success and sustainability. Solid fiscal management creates a framework that allows organizations to work proactively to accomplish their goals and serve their communities with financially sustainable events and programs. In order to ensure proper budget management, a number of policies are in place. Please use the information below while planning your event:

Additional information can also be found in the Student Organization Manual.


  • Purchase Card (P-Card)

    When you want to use the Purchase Card (P-Card) for an in store, telephone or online purchase. We are encouraging online purchase that our office staff can order when given the proper paperwork and list. Additional Required Attachments: PCARD Request Form

    **Original Receipts required when purchase is completed.


    When you want to reimburse a student/staff member who made a purchase on behalf of the organization with their own money. Additional Required Attachments:

    • SABO Voucher 
    • Minutes (the motion must include the full name of individual being reimbursed)
      **Original Receipts required when purchase is completed.

    Chartwells Voucher & Off Campus Food Vendors

    When you want to purchase food using Chartwells (on-campus vendor). Additional Required Attachments:

    • Minutes
    • Chartwells' Invoice

    *If you are interested in purchase food outside of Chartwells that is more than $150, you must complete a Catering Waiver Request and submit 15 days prior to event for approval. 

    Travel Authorization

    When you are planning an off campus event or trip (must complete even if trip has a zero cost). Additional Required Attachments:

    • Travel Authorization
    • Minutes
    • Quotes/Invoice
    • W-9 for Vendor (If Applicable)
    • Typed List of Attendees

    Purchase Requisition

    When you need to obtain a Purchase Order (PO) for a service (ex. Apparel, Renting equipment or large purchases). Additional Required Attachments: