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Scholarship Recipients

These scholarship recipients describe how an Eastern scholarship has helped them to afford an Eastern education.
Emily Hill
Elementary Education/English Major

Emily Hill ’19

I want to become a teacher. The opportunities I have had at Eastern have shaped me into the person I am today. I’ve been able to complete undergraduate research about children’s literature, complete the Leap into Leadership program, and participate in student clubs, without having to work at two or three jobs to pay for college. Thank you so much for my ECSU Foundation Scholarship!

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William Keane
Physical Education Major

William Keane ’20

With the help of the Horrocks/Switchenko Scholarship, I can continue my Eastern education. I am using the scholarship to pay for my classes; it will also allow me to focus more on school. I hope to become a health and physical educator who provides students with motivation and the information necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Eastern’s Physical Education major has prepared me well.

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Jennifer Wolff
Early Childhood Education and Sociology Major

Jennifer Wolff ’12

Jennifer teaches at Cook Hill Elementary School in a preschool setting with children with and without special needs. As an undergraduate, she received the Early Childhood Education Scholarship from the SBM Charitable Foundation. It helped Jennifer pursue a double major in early childhood education and sociology. “Thanks to the support of the SBM Charitable Foundation, I’ve been able to better the lives of many children,” she said.

Gabi Mikunda
Accounting Major/Music Minor

Gabi Mikunda ’19

The BlumShapiro Scholarship has allowed me to finish my degree on time; I will be joining BlumShapiro after I graduate. I grew up in a single-parent, low-income household. My mother could not afford to help with college. Textbooks, a car, food and other necessities were left to me. I have supported myself with an on-campus job, my BlumShapiro internship and scholarships. Thank you!

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Sylvia Lawrence
Social Work Major

Sylvia Lawrence ’21

I’m a social work major, plan on earning my master’s degree and license, and eventually want to open my own practice. Eastern has given me a second home, and a place to grow into myself. Scholarships such as the Carter Scholarship make it possible for students from low- income families to further their education. Because of you, I am one step closer to making my difference in the world.

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Leeann Rauls
Biology Major

Leeann Rauls ’20

From an early age, I knew I had an interest in science and the environment. I want to help preserve our world for future generations, and this degree is my first stepping stone. Thank you again for the Brown Endowed Scholarship; it will allow me to save money from this past summer’s work and allow me to pursue an internship this summer.

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