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Instructions for Fall and Spring Registration

1. The semester’s schedule of classes is available here: Class Schedule (eWeb). Select appropriate term. You can review your outstanding requirements via your Degree Evaluation to assist with planning your registration. 

2. Make an appointment with your faculty advisor during the advisement week scheduled for your class (Fr, So, Jr, Sr).

3. Identify preferred and alternate classes. Be sure to check the course description in the catalog for prerequisites.

4. Meet with your advisor:
Full-Time Students –Obtain your Registration Access Code for the term, which is needed to register via the web. If registering in-person, you will be required to present your Registration Access Code as verification that you have met with your faculty advisor. Please note: Full time students are required to carry a minimum course load of 12-credit hours to maintain their full-time status.
Part-Time Students – If you need assistance in planning your schedule, contact the Academic Services Center – Advising, Library Room 109.

5. You may register via the Web or in-person on or after your registration appointment date. Please note in-person registration is required for course selections that need written approval, have unmet prerequisites or are repeated courses including those courses which were a previous course withdrawal (WP/WF/W).

Instructions for Web Registration
1. Access Self Service (eWeb) via any web browser
2. Click “Student Services”, click “Registration”, click “Register or Add/Drop Classes”
3. If requested, enter your Registration Access Code (full-time students only) obtained from your advisor.
4. Select and Submit the Term
5. Read carefully and follow the “Register or Add/Drop Classes” instructions displayed on the web page
6. The 5-digit CRN is required to add or drop a course

Winter or Summer Planning
If registering for fall please view Summer class offerings online at the following link as you make your course selections for the coming term.
If registering for spring, please view Winter class offerings online at the following link as you make you course selections for the coming term.

Future Term Course Planning
To assist the University in developing class offering that best meets the needs of your planned program of study, we are requesting that you discuss with your faculty advisor courses that would be appropriate for semester following this registration semester. Your selection should include, but is not limited to, applicable Liberal Arts Core (LAC) and major courses for your level and class standing.

Graduation Planning
It is never too early to discuss, identify and plan your courses for timely graduation. You and your advisor may wish to use your unofficial degree evaluation to note the applicable semester(s) to complete requirements. Choosing to enroll for summer or winter courses may also facilitate a more timely graduation.

Important Notices to All Students
1. Any student with a financial obligation to the University will not be allowed to register until the obligation is cleared.
2. Any student born after December 31, 1956 who has not provided proof of immunization against measles and German measles to the University will not be allowed to register until cleared by Health Services staff. Please note, Connecticut state law requires two measles immunization doses. Should you have any questions, contact Health Services, 185 Birch Street or call (860) 465-5263.
3. Fall tuition and fees, including room and board if applicable, are due July 31. Spring tuition and fees including room and board if applicable, are due December 31.
4. Students considering teacher certification have requirements that must be met for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Among these requirements are the PRAXIS I CBT exams, foundations courses in the Education Department, and maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher. Students are required to submit a formal application for admission to the program. For further information, please contact the Education Department, Webb Hall Rm. 124 or call (860) 465-4530.

For non-matriculated students (not admitted to the University), please follow the instructions found here: