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Changing Information on Submitted Degree Application

Please Note: It is assumed that you have discussed any significant changes to your plan with your Faculty Advisor or ASC - Advising. Please be sure that if you are making any additions to your plan (Major/Minor/Concentration), that you have a plan to complete any outstanding requirements by your anticipated graduation date. 

If you have submitted a Degree Application and need to make changes, you can email the changes from your student email to You should notify us of any of the following changes:

  • Diploma Name
  • Decision on Public Recognition Status
  • Dropping a Major/Minor/Concentration that you do not intend to complete, but you included on your application.
  • Adding a Major/Minor/Concentration that was not included on your application, but you have already declared and have plans to complete.
  • Any changes to your plan that impact your ability to complete your requirements by the end of your anticipated graduation term (August/December/May).
  • Plans for Continued Undergraduate Enrollment.

You DO NOT need to notify us if:

  • You make changes to your current registration (as long as you still have a plan to complete your requirements).
  • You are making changes to your planned courses (as long as you still have a plan to complete your requirements)


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If, for some reason, you are unable to access your Eastern Email, you can complete this Change Information on Degree Application form. This will require a handwritten signature since it is not coming from an Eastern Email or being submitted in-person.
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