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Health Heroes 101: Unleashing Creativity to Conquer Diseases

Sunday, July 21st to Friday, July 26th Pre-College Summer 2024
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Course Description

Health Heroes 101: Unleashing Creativity to Conquer Diseases

Welcome to Health Heroes 101, where you become a true health hero by unlocking the power of creativity in the world of public health! In this introductory course tailored for high school students, we embark on an exciting journey to explore public health, which is “the science and art of preventing disease, extending life, and promoting health.” As CEA Winslow eloquently stated, public health is a collective effort, and this course empowers you and your team to make a difference.

Course Highlights
• Engage in hands-on projects, simulations, and case studies to deepen your understanding of public health concepts.
• Collaborate with fellow students to brainstorm and implement creative interventions for real-world health issues.
• Challenge your critical thinking and problem-solving skills through interactive discussions and debates.

Open to students entering Grades 10, 11, or 12 this fall.

Meet the Professor

Dr. Sara Carroll Dr. Sara Newman Carroll, a public health educator at Eastern Connecticut State University, brings a multidisciplinary social science perspective to her teaching and research. With a commitment to cultivating influential critical thinkers, she emphasizes the importance of community-engaged research, integrating it into high-quality courses while providing dedicated mentoring for students. Dr. Carroll sees her role as a curator of scholarly development, extending beyond the classroom to positively impact the health of vulnerable populations by nurturing the next generation of public health practitioners, health providers, and health researchers.
Dr. Sara Newman Carroll

Draft Class Schedule

Schedule is Subject to Change

The World of Public Health

Delve into the core principles of public health, understanding its role in shaping the well-being of societies and individuals. 


Unmasking Diseases

Investigate diseases as detectives, exploring their origins, transmission, and impact on communities. 


Health Heroes in Action

Learn about real-world health heroes who have made a difference. Analyze their strategies and innovations.


Creative Interventions

Enter the realm of creativity! Design interventions using your imagination to tackle public health challenges. 


Crafting Solutions

Develop practical skills in crafting health solutions. From community initiatives to personal choices, discover your power to make a positive impact. Present your ideas to your teammates.  


Schedule at a Glance

Weekly Schedule Monday thru Friday
8:30am - 9am  Breakfast
9:15am - 12:15pm Class
12:15pm - 1pm Lunch
1pm - 1:50pm Optional Activities
2pm - 4pm Class or Workshop
4pm - 5pm Free Time
5pm - 5:45pm Dinner
6pm - 9pm Social Programming
10pm Room Checks

2pm - 4pm Closing Ceremony on Friday