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Global Learning In the News

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Earth science students journey through northern New England

June 25, 2024

Twelve students from Eastern Connecticut State University beheld many environments on a 12-day scientific excursion through New Hampshire and Maine in late May. Sponsored by the Department of Environmental Earth Science (EES), Professors Dickson Cunningham, Bryan Oakley and Drew Hyatt guided students through high mountains, deep caves and sprawling coastlines as a part of their “Summits and Seashores” course.

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Psychology students study mental health in Iceland

June 18, 2024

Psychology students at Eastern Connecticut State University traversed the tundra of the human psyche on a 10-day field course in Iceland this May. Sponsored by the Department of Psychological Science as part of Professors Peter Bachiochi and Jenna Scisco’s field course “Cross-Cultural Well-Being," the trip gave students a look at the mental health of a foreign country.

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Students experience music history in Vienna

June 10, 2024

Students from the Department of Music at Eastern Connecticut State University explored the history of classical music in Vienna, Austria, this May. The 10-day trip was conducted by music Professor Emily Riggs and Lecturer David Ballena as a part of Riggs’ “City of Song” global field course.

Study Abroad Photo Gallery

Bella S., England, 2024

Grace E., Switzerland, 2024

Ally A., Italy, 2023

Amirah F., Spain, 2023

Rebeckah R., Egypt, 2024

Hailey C., Italy, 2023

Brayden A., London, 2024

Frank S., Japan, 2023

Havi B., Scotland, 2024

Isabella C., Spain, 2023

Liz A., Morocco, 2022

Daria D., Italy, 2023

Katie K., Spain, 2023

Alicia A., France, 2023

Fernando J., Portugal, 2023

Global Learning Experiences

Hear from Eastern students as they share how their semesters abroad transformed their perspectives and enriched their academic and personal growth.

Fernando J., Portugal


Liz A., Spain