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Faculty Guide to Testing Accommodations

Many OAS-registered students are granted testing accommodations. A faculty member will be notified of a student's testing accommodations through a Letter of Accommodations, which will be emailed to the faculty member's Eastern email address.

Testing accommodations might include:

  • Time and a half
  • Double time
  • Testing in a distraction-reduced environment
  • Scribe
  • Reader
  • Use of a text to speech program
  • Use of a speech to text program
  • Use of a calculator
  • Use of a computer to type essays

Please note that when students register with the OAS, they review and sign the following forms:

Testing Accommodations Agreement
Examinee Guidelines

Faculty members have the option of providing the accommodations to the student. The OAS will proctor a student's exam for the faculty member if the faculty member prefers. To reserve a testing room for your student, please submit an online Testing Reservation Form.

It is important to note that some students decide not to utilize their testing accommodations. Many students take the first test in class to assess their need for the accommodation(s). Please communicate with your student(s) regarding their preference for the semester.

Implementing Testing Accommodations

Option #1: The OAS Provides the Testing Accommodations
Option #2: The Faculty Member Provides the Testing Accommodations
Special Considerations for Testing Accommodations