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Overloading Courses

Overloads required approval of both the instructor and department chairperson. Students may request an overload in an online course using their Eastern email and sending the following information to the instructor of the course you wish to overload into:

Name, ID Number

Overload: CRN, Course, Subject, Section, Title


Please forward your approval to the Department Chairperson and then on to

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Recommended Text for Request:

10252 ART 100 01 Intro to Art
Jennifer Smith, 10234349

Professor Easterly, I would like to overload into your closed course listed above. If you approve please forward your approval to the department chairperson for their approval and ask that they send the final approval to Thank you.

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The Registrar’s Office will process your request and respond via Eastern email once processed. Please note, if you have a hold on your account your registration will be unable to be processed.

If for some reason you are unable to access your Eastern email account, you may fill out an Overload Form, print it, sign it and then email it to the Instructor for their approval asking that they forward their approval to the department chairperson who should then send the final approval to