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Majors and Advisors - Declaring and Changing

Majors and Advisors – Declaring and Changing

At least 15 credits in the major must be taken at Eastern.

All students must declare a major by the end of the semester in which they have accumulated 60 credit hours toward graduation (by the end of the sophomore year). Students who have not declared a major, but who have accumulated 60 or more credit hours, may not be permitted to register for classes. Students entering with 60 or more transfer credits must declare a major by the end of their first semester on campus.

Changes in major for full-time students must be submitted first to the chairperson of the academic department responsible for the desired major. An academic advisor will be assigned by the department chairperson. Students changing their status from declared major to exploratory must submit this change with the Academic Success Center – Advising.

Full-time students having no declared major will be classified as exploratory -undeclared and will be assigned to an advisor by the Academic Success Center – Advising until they identify a major with the academic department of their choice. Part-time students should contact the Academic Success Center – Advising for declarations/changes of major. All part-time students will be assigned the Academic Success Center – Advising as their initial advisor.

Because major programs of study are usually designed to build abilities sequentially and connect with the LAC in different ways, students should select their specific major program early in their career.

Students may declare/ change their major and advisor using their Eastern email and sending the following information to the department chairperson of the major you are adding (or to the Advising Center if changing to General Studies):

Name, ID Number

Major to be Added and/or Dropped

Concentration to be Added and/or Dropped if Necessary

Degree Selected

Advisor Requested (please note that this will require the department chairperson’s approval. The departments reserve the right to assign advisors as they deem appropriate.)

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Recommended Text for Request:

Jennifer Smith, 10234349

Add Art Major and Drop Sociology Major

Add Art History Concentration

B.A. degree

I would like Dr. Easterly to be my advisor.

Dr. Department Chairperson, I would like to change my major as noted above. If you approve please forward your approval to

Thank you.

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The Department will assign a new advisor if necessary, and then forward the email to The Registrar’s Office will process your request and respond via Eastern email to both you and the department once processed.

If for some reason you are unable to access your Eastern email account, you may fill out a Change of Major/Concentration/Advisor Form, print it, sign it and then email it to the Department Chairperson, asking that they forward your form and their approval to