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Majors - Declaring/Changing

List of available degrees, majors and concentrations are available here

All students must declare a major by the end of the semester in which they have accumulated 60 credit hours toward graduation. Students who have not declared a major, but who have accumulated 60 or more credit hours, may not be permitted to register for classes. Students entering with 60 or more transfer credits must declare a major by the end of their first semester on campus.

Full-Time Students:

  • Changing/Adding Majors must be submitted to the Chairperson of the academic department responsible for the desired major. If approved, the change will be forward to the Registrar's Office to process.
  • An academic advisor will be assigned by the Department Chairperson/Department Secretary, unless you have a preferred advisor, at which time you can make that request. *Note: Students changing their status from declared major to exploratory must submit this change with the Academic Success Center – Advising.
  • Students who have not declared a major will be classified as “Exploratory-Undecided” and will be assigned to an advisor by the Academic Success Center.

Part-Time Students:

  • Part-time students should contact the Academic Success Center - Advising for declarations/changes of major.
  • All part-time students will be assigned the Academic Success Center – Advising as their initial advisor.
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Recommended Text for Request:

Jennifer Smith, 10234349

Add Art Major and Drop Sociology Major

Add Art History Concentration

B.A. (or B.S.) Degree

I would like to have [Advisor Name] as my advisor. (If no preference, leave blank)

Dr. [Department Chairperson], I would like to change my major as noted above. If you approve, please forward your approval to

Thank you.

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Advisors - Declaring/Changing

Students may declare/change their Faculty Advisor using their Eastern Email and sending the following information to the Department Chairperson and Department Secretary of the Major:

Note: If General Studies Major, please reach out to the Academic Services Center - Advising

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Recommended Information:

Name, ID Number

Current Major 

I would like to please change my advisor from [Current Advisor] to [New Advisor]. Thank you.


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If you are unable to access your Eastern email account, you may fill out a Change of Major/Advisor Form. Once completed, you will need to hand sign the form, then it will need to go to the Department Chairperson for approval (Email or In-person) asking that they approve/sign-off on the change and then forward the form and their approval to