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Internships, Practicums & Independent Studies

Some courses required approval instructor, department chairperson and Dean such as Internships, Practicums, Teaching Assistantships, Individual Music Instruction, and Independent Studies. Students are not able to use eWeb to complete these registrations and they will get an error message if attempted. 

Students may register for these courses using their Eastern email. Fill out the Independent Study/Internship/Practicum/Teaching Assistantship form online and email it to your Supervising Faculty Member. If you use your Eastern email, you do not need to print the form and hand sign it. Your Supervising Faculty Member will email it on to the Department Chairperson, who will then send it to the Dean, who will then send it to for processing.

The Registrar’s Office will process your request and respond via Eastern email to you and the other concerned parties once processed. Please note, if you have a hold on your account your registration will not be able to be processed.