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Change of Information Policy

The Connecticut State University System has in place an identity theft prevention program in compliance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and the Federal Trade Commission's 'Red Flag Rules.' Thus, the Office of the Registrar at Eastern Connecticut State University has established the following protocol for when a student/former student seeks to change any of the following identifying information: Name, Address, Telephone Number, Social Security Number or Gender.

If the student has their ID number and pin number, they are able to change their address and telephone number on Self Service (eWeb). If student/former student does not have this information or does not wish to change it by this method, he/she will need to follow the remainder of this policy.

The student/former student must fill out a Change of Information Form. It is recommended that all changes are made in person at the office on the first floor of Alvin B. Wood Support Services Building. The student/former student will need to provide a photo ID. The following will also need to be submitted to verify the change.

Name: Official marriage certificate, birth certificate, or other legal document outlining the change of name
Address: Proof of new address on utility bill or driver's license
Phone: Proof of new phone number on phone bill
SS#: Copy of social security card
DOB: Document with correct birth date such as driver's license or birth certificate
Gender:Copy of legal document outlining change of gender

If the student/former student cannot bring the documents to the office, the information can be faxed to the office at 860-465-4382. The office has a secure fax line. If the documents are faxed, we will ask for a phone number to call and verify the student/former student's identity to ensure the legitimacy of the change(s) being requested.