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Grade Entry - Midterms

All instructors of undergraduate courses are required to submit mid-semester grades based on a meaningful evaluation of student progress.

Spring 2024

Mid-term grades are due March 20, 2024 by at 9:00pm.

-Mid-term grades not submitted by the deadline will not be available to students using their Self Service (eWeb) and the instructor will need to communicate those grades to the students in a confidential manner.

-Faculty members have access to a class roster reflecting mid-term grades through Self Service (eWeb) by clicking on "Faculty Grade Summary" after the grading window has closed.

-The Self Service unofficial academic transcript for the in-progress semester will display mid-term grades. The grade column heading indicates that these are mid-term grades and the section of the transcript indicates that these are in-progress courses.

-Mid-term grades will be available to view using Self Service until the last day of classes for the term.

Entering Mid-Term Grades

Instructional faculty must enter mid-term grades via e-Web. Using the secure login icon, you will be able to enter grades from anywhere you have internet access during the grade entry period. Please note that you may change a student's grade at any time during the grade entry period.

1. Log in to Self Service (eWeb)
2. Click Faculty Services
3. Click Mid-Term Grades
4. Select the current term
5. Select the desired section from the CRN list
6. Enter a mid-term grade for each student listed
7. If the student has earned a grade of F you must now do one of the following or you will
not be able to submit your grades for the class:

a. Select "Attended" from the Attend Status drop down if a student has been
attending class and has earned the grad of F as a result of their work or lack
b. Select "Never Attended" from the Attend Status drop down if a student has never
shown up for class and has earned the F due to their lack of attendance.
c. Select "Stopped Attending" from the Attend Status drop down if a student was
attending your class, but has since stopped attending. Please note that if you select this option you are also required to enter a "Last Attend Date" for this student. If you keep attendance, please use the last date you have recorded of the student's attendance. If not, please use your best recollection of when the student stopped attending; an estimate is ok.

*When entering a mid-term grade, a date should only be entered in the last attend date if the student has STOPPED attending class; otherwise it should be left blank.

*Please remember you must click "Submit" to finalize your grade entry. When entering grades, if you click "Submit" prior to entering all of the grades for the course, a pop-up message will appear indicating your grade submission was not successful. After entering the missing grades, please click "Submit" again.