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Published on October 03, 2021

Advising for Spring 2022 Courses

All students at Eastern have one faculty advisor and some students also have a professional advisor within the Advising Center. Only faculty advisors are able to give students their registration codes. Plan ahead so that you can communicate with your faculty advisor before your registration date and time.

Please note that all department faculty email addresses are available in the department directory. On the right side of this webpage, Faculty/Office Hours is the very top link. Clicking that will bring you to the list of faculty and their email addresses so that you can reach out to your advisor for help.

The registration dates for this semester are:

Seniors (90+ earned credits): 7:00 AM on October 11. See your advisor October 4-8.

Juniors (60 - 89.9 earned credits): 7:00 AM on October 18. See your advisor October 11-15.

Sophomores (30 - 59.9 earned credits): 7:00 AM on October 25. See your advisor October 18-22.

First-year students (under 30 earned credits): 7:00 AM on November 8. See your advisor October 25 – November 5.

See for other important dates.

Your Faculty Advisor

If you are a psychology major, your faculty advisor is probably a faculty member in the Psychological Science department. If you are an individualized major, or have multiple majors, your advisor may not be in the Psychological Science department. You should consult eWeb (the same system that you use to register for classes) to determine who your faculty advisor is. If your faculty advisor is not in Psychological Science but you need to take psychology courses (second major, minor, individualized major, etc.), you should have a faculty mentor within the department that you can speak to for advice about courses.

Changing Concentrations and Advisors

Students can switch their advisor or their concentration, but the correct procedure must be followed.

  • To change your advisor, simply follow the procedures on this page:
  • To change your concentration, you can follow the procedures on this page: HOWEVER the department requires that you visit any of the faculty members who teach in the concentration you want to switch into (see list below) BEFORE you do this. The purpose of this visit is to determine your personal and career goals and determine whether that concentration and its requirements are a good fit for your interests. If the faculty member approves of you changing your concentration, they will give you permission to change concentrations.

Faculty & Their Concentrations

General Concentration: All faculty in the Psychological Science department can advise students in this concentration.

Behavior Analysis Concentration: Dr. James Diller and Dr. Christopher Krebs advise students in this concentration.

Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration: Dr. Lyndsey Lanagan-Leitzel and Dr. Margaret Letterman advise students in this concentration.

Developmental Concentration: Dr. Melanie Evans Keyes and Dr. Jennifer Leszczynski advise students in this concentration.

Industrial-Organizational Concentration: Dr. Peter Bachiochi advises students in this concentration.

Mental Health Counseling Concentration: Dr. Phyllis Lee and Dr. Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault advise students in this concentration.