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Research Studies

Below is a list of the studies that are running this semester. To sign up for a study, email the researcher.

Remember that you MUST be 18 years or older to participate in ANY research study. If you are not yet 18, you MUST complete the alternate assignment for PSY 100 or PSY 247.

Faculty and Student Independent Research

  • 1 credit (less than 30 minutes)
    Women and their parents will either be shown a photograph of a man or a list of traits possessed by a hypothetical man. Participants will be asked to provide three personality traits which they expect the men in the photographs to possess or three personality traits which they would expect a man to also possess if he already possesses certain traits. Individuals will also be asked to rate the positivity and negativity of the traits they provide as their answers. Women who complete this online questionnaire and who recruit one parent to complete the questionnaire will be awarded one research credit for their participation. Women whose parents discontinue their participation or decline to participate can still receive one research credit for their own participation. Participation for both students and parents will take place online.
    This study takes place online. Email Noelle Ciccarelli at to participate. This research is supervised by Madeleine Fugère.
  • 2 research credits (30 - 60 minutes)
    This study compares two methods of psychological stress relief: mindfulness meditation and herbal supplements containing clary sage, lavender, and cellulose. In this study, you will first fill out questionnaires to measure your current emotional state and personality, as well as have your heart rate and blood oxygen level measured by pulse oximeter (index finger inserted into small handheld device). Next, you will be given either a guided meditation session in video form or herbal supplement in pill form in order to reduce psychological stress in preparation for your next task. You will be asked to swallow the pill with water. You will then perform a mildly stressful task in front of a group of experts in behavioral analysis and public speaking. Following this, you will fill out questionnaires measuring your final emotional state. It is suggested that you only participate if you are fluent in English. Do not participate in this study if you have experienced social anxiety or panic disorder, or any trauma-related issues such as PTSD. Do not participate if you have had a history of any of these disorders or have experienced panic attacks without a diagnosis. You must also be 18, and not have allergies to clary sage, lavender, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose, or Titanium Dioxide. Any individuals who have any of these conditions will be excluded. The study should take approximately 40 minutes in total.
    This study takes place online. Email Natalie Christopher at to participate. This research is supervised by Alita Cousins.

Methods II Studies

  • There will be more Methods II studies in Spring 2023!