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Research Studies

Below is a list of the studies that are running this semester. To sign up for a study, email the researcher.

Remember that you MUST be 18 years or older to participate in ANY research study. If you are not yet 18, you MUST complete the alternate assignment for PSY 100 or PSY 247.

Faculty and Student Independent Research

  • 2 research credits (30 - 60 minutes)
    We are looking for women (18+) to participate in our study and to recruit a parent to participate in our study about the similarities and differences in the mate preferences of women and their parents. During this study, you will be asked to answer questions about your preferred traits in mates. Similarly, your parent will be asked questions about preferred traits in mates for their adult child (you). You will then view photographs and profile descriptions of potential mates and be asked for your opinion of the described individuals. The questionnaire will take 15 minutes or less to complete and you will get 2 research credits for your participation (1 for your participation and 1 for the participation of your parent).
    This study takes place online. Email Noelle Ciccarelli at to participate. This research is supervised by Dr. Madeleine Fugère.
  • 2 research credits (30 - 60 minutes)
    In this study, you will complete several different computerized measures of cognition under several different video-conferencing conditions. These tasks will include measures of attention, memory, problem-solving, comprehension, and fluency. You will complete these tasks on your own computer using the web browser while participating in a video conference with the experimenter(s). You will also complete surveys that measure anxiety, social anxiety, and self-presentational concerns.
    This study takes place online. THIS STUDY WILL RESUME IN SEPTEMBER 2021. Email Lyndsey Lanagan-Leitzel at to participate. This research is supervised by Dr. Lyndsey Lanagan-Leitzel.