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Developmental Psychology Concentration

As an alternative to the General Psychology curriculum, Psychology majors may elect to pursue a concentration in Developmental Psychology. The Developmental Psychology concentration ­offers a strong foundation in current theory and empirical research in physical, cognitive, social and emotional development across the lifespan. This concentration will be of interest to students planning careers in areas such as child and family advocacy, education, school psychology, developmental or intellectual disability assessment, child development centers, human services agencies or working with the elderly. The concentration is also appropriate for students planning to enter graduate school in Developmental Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Human Development and Family Studies, Gerontology or related areas.

Requirements for Students Who Entered Eastern Under the Fall 2021 Catalog or Later

If you entered Eastern earlier than Fall 2021, your requirements may be different. Consult your degree evaluation and/or your psychology faculty advisor to verify your own requirements.

Students following the Developmental Psychology concentration must complete a minimum of 47 hours of coursework in psychology (exclusive of PSY 100), fulfilling the requirements below:

Psychology Core: 17 credits

Research: 3 credits

  • Choose one course:
    • PSY 402 Current Research in Child Psychology
    • PSY 409 Current Research in Psychology

Required Course: 3 credits

  • Choose one course:
    • PSY 205 Principles of Learning
    • PSY 306 Cognitive Psychology

Developmental: 9 credits

  • Choose three courses:
    • PSY 206 Psychology of Childhood
    • PSY 208 Psychology of Adolescence
    • PSY 210 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
    • PSY 314 Psychology of the Infant and Toddler (formerly PSY 204)

Individual Differences: 3 credits

  • PSY 301 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 302 Psychopathology of Childhood
  • PSY 315 Psychology of Gender

Biological Bases of Behavior: 3 credits

  • Choose one course (minimum):
    • PSY 318 Sensation and Perception
    • PSY 418 Physiological Psychology
    • PSY 430 Human Neuropsychology

Specialized Courses: 6 credits

  • Choose two courses (minimum):
    • PSY 345 Family Psychology (formerly PSY 230)
    • PSY 407 Radical Behaviorism
    • PSY 410 Psychological Tests and Measurements
    • PSY 435 Controversies in Child Psychology
    • PSY 460 Seminar in Psychology
    • Only one of the following can count toward the two required courses for this section:
      • PSY 480 Independent Study
      • PSY 490 Teaching Assistantship
      • PSY 491 Research Assistant
      • PSY 496 Psychology Internship: Group Supervision
      • PSY 497 Psychology Internship: Individual Supervision
      • PSY 498 Research and Field Experience

Plus one elective: 3 credits

  • Students should complete any one psychology course as an elective.

Recommended Courses

  • BIO 202/203 Human Biology (Lecture/Lab) - satisfies LAC T1NS
  • MAT 216 Statistical Data Analysis - satisfies LAC T2IT