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Business Administration Major

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Why Study Business Administration?

Studying Business Administration exposes you to the core areas of business, develops your communication skills, and enhances your ability to ethically solve complex problems. Whether you are working for a private, public or nonprofit organization, or starting your own business, understanding how to manage projects, money, and organizations, how to work in systems and teams, and how to motivate employees, customers and volunteers are skills critical to your success.

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Why Study Business Administration at Eastern?

Recognized by Colleges of Distinction, the Business Administration major helps students develop business skills, learn to manage ethical issues, analyze strategic options, and apply their learning to real organizational settings in today’s dynamic global business environment. Concentrations are available in Finance, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, International Business and Operations Management. Eastern also offers a minor in Business Administration to other majors.

Students in classroom
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  • The Finance concentration prepares students to enter the financial services sector, work in a corporate setting or enroll in graduate school. With a broad foundation in the liberal arts, the concentration is designed to develop students’ intellectual skills for problem solving, communication, critical thinking, and technical and quantitative analysis. In addition, students gain understanding of ethical issues and knowledge of the principles, theories and regulations in Finance. Eastern graduates have a distinct advantage in the marketplace, as a liberal arts education with a concentration in Finance places them in an enviable position with companies seeking graduates who are morally and ethically suited for today’s business challenges.

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  • The Healthcare Management concentration in the Business Administration major prepares students to improve the outcomes of management functions in healthcare organizations, focusing on the fundamentals of healthcare management, quality improvement and healthcare law.

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  • The Human Resource Management concentration in the Business Administration major examines key employee administrative processes and best practices, management-employee relations, organizational decision-making techniques and tools, individual and group relations, and effective human skill development, utilization and management.

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  • The International Business concentration in the Business Administration major focuses on international practices, standards, market institutions and regulatory structures, as well as market niches and cultural differences. The areas of financial management, international marketing strategies, global operations and logistics receive special attention.

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  • The Management concentration in the Business Administration major teaches students effective management skills required in a variety of careers and organizations in an increasingly dynamic and competitive world.

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  • The Marketing concentration in the Business Administration major addresses contemporary marketing needs by providing a solid overview of current advertising, sales and marketing best practices. Students also analyze factors influencing consumer behavior and marketing research techniques, and examine multicultural perspectives and insights into effective international marketing.

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  • The Operations Management concentration in the Business Administration major teaches the effective management of the organizational resources crucial to the competitiveness and survival of modern businesses and nonprofits. Courses provide a thorough examination of the fundamentals of production planning and control, quality management, facility oversight and utilization, supply-chain design and logistics, as well as global operation strategies and effective use of information systems.

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Salary Potential


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* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hands-on Learning

AMA Club Members

American Marketing Association

Eastern’s award-winning collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association brings prominent guest speakers to campus, participates in educational events, performs community service and competes at the AMA International Collegiate Conference.

SHRM Members

Human Resources Management

Eastern's chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) works with the Human Resources Leadership Association to provide students with internship and employment opportunities, and offers financial assistance to student teams competing in regional and national SHRM events.

Student photo for New England Financial Corp internship


All Business Administration students participate in internships, and department staff dedicate significant time to match students to internship opportunities.  Internship sites ranged from Pfizer to the Mohegan Sun to the Hartford Courant.

Career Options

Students who pursue undergraduate degrees in Business Administration can have rewarding and successful careers in a variety of professional fields, including:

  • Sales/Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Hospital or Medical Practice Manager
  • Employee Relations/Human Resources
  • International marketing
  • Global human resources manager
  • Business consulting
  • Entrepreneur

Successful Alumni

Recent Eastern students who earned a bachelor’s degree or a minor in Business Administration are at the following companies and professional/graduate schools:

  • The Hartford
  • Pratt and Whitney
  • Guilford Specialty Group
  • Phoenix
  • The Hartford Courant
  • Travelers
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • University of Massachusetts
  • Quinnipiac University
  • Florida State University
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Alumni Testimonials

Joe Saponaro ’14
Pratt & Whitney

Joe Saponaro ’14

“Eastern’s small campus turned into a great investment for my future. The small class size allows students to get to know their professors and establish great relationships. I even met my wife at Eastern. The applied learning situations — my co-op position at Pratt & Whitney and my internship at Northwestern Mutual — were very helpful and relevant to my first job at United Healthcare.” Economics and Business Administration major Joe Saponaro

Sara Claudio ’18
Business Administration

Sara Claudio ’18

Sara is an associate in the General Management Leadership Development (GMLD) program at Aetna. She gained the full-time opportunity after working an Aetna internship as an Eastern student. “My internship helped to provide me with the corporate experience I needed in order to advance my career.”

Jacqueline Kane ’09
Business Administration

Jacqueline Kane ’09

Jacqueline is a registered nurse at the University of Virginia Medical Center. “I credit much of my professional success to Eastern. Although I’m in a different field from what I studied, the leadership and team-building skills I learned are invaluable in my current position.”

Dontae Christian ’20
Business Administration

Dontae Christian ’20

Dontae interned with Doc Wayne Services, a Boston-based nonprofit organization that works with at-risk youth. “The kids relate with me. Growing up in the Bronx, I’ve dealt with similar challenges. I was once in their shoes.” Dontae aspires to start his own nonprofit and fuse sport with mentorship to empower kids from the inner city.

Andrew Gutt ’09
Restaurant Owner

Andrew Gutt ’09

Business Administration major Andrew Gutt is the owner of Cafémantic, an award-winning restaurant in downtown Willimantic. Since opening in 2009, Cafémantic has developed from a small coffee shop into a chef-driven, farm-to-table eatery. Andrew feels that Willimantic has a lot going for it, and sees his restaurant as “another symbol of the community and Eastern working together.”

Lucas Watson ’02

Lucas Watson ’02

Business Administration and Economics double-major Lucas Watson is an attorney at his own law practice. “The support and guidance I received from the faculty and administration at Eastern helped me get to law school and are a major factor in where I am in my career. I learned valuable lessons that I have been able to carry over into my professional life.”

Taylor Brandariz ’11
Vice President of Operations

Taylor Brandariz ’11

Business Administration major Taylor Brandariz is the vice president of operations at Drupal Connect. “Eastern taught me what it takes to be a leader. With its well-rounded education, intimate class sizes, and extracurricular activities outside of class, there’s plenty of opportunity to learn the true meaning of leadership.”