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LGBTQ Classes Catalog

This page lists all courses being offered at Eastern that address issues of sexuality and gender in an LGBTQ context. LGBTQ content in a course may be brief, or it may be a predominant piece of the course's content.

If you are a professor who teaches a course that you would like to have listed on this page, please email Cassandra Martineau with the department the course is taught in (including cross-listed departments if applicable), course number, title, catalog description, and semesters in which the course is typically offered.

Lesbian Literature ENG 352
WST 352
Dr. McDonnell ENG 100 or ENG 200 or ENG/WST 260
Literary Theory ENG 358 Staff ENG 100 or ENG 200
Twentieth Century Women's Writers ENG 357 Dr. Cord?n ENG 100 or ENG 200
Adolescent Literature ENG 329 Dr. Faustino None
Gender, Justice, and the Environment GEO 306 Dr. Curran None
The History of Brazil HIS 347 Staff None
Introduction to American Studies HIS 251 Staff None
The United States after 1945 HIS 316 Professor Zane None
Politics of Race, Class, and Gender PSC 362 Professor Busey None
Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties PSC 340 Dr. Broscsious None
Psychology of Gender PSY 315/WST 315 Dr. Leszczynski/Dr. Letterman None
Psychology of Childhood PSY 206 Dr. Jin None
Human Sexuality PSY 319 Dr. Escoto None
Attraction and Relationships PSY 309 Staff PSY 202
Social Psychology PSY 202 Dr. Fugère None
Women and Crime SOC 301 Dr. Severence SOC 100
Sociology of Gender SOC 240 Dr. Bergstrom-Lynch None
Collective Behavior and Social Movements SOC 373 Dr. Dugan None
Deviance SOC 307 Dr. Severence None
Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Lives SOC 208/WST 208 Dr. Dugan None
Social Inequality SOC 250 Staff None
Sociology of Families SOC 212 Dr. Bergstrom-Lynch None
Performance in America THE 364 Dr. Pelligrini THE 270
Contemporary World Theatre THE 375 Dr. Pelligrini None
Experimental Theatre THE 474 Staff LAC student with at least two Tier II courses or GER student
Feminist Theories WST 351 Dr. McDonnell ENG 260 or WST 250
Introduction to Women's Studies WST 260 Dr. McDonnell None