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Colloquia Guidelines

The core of the University Honors Program is a series of interdisciplinary and often team taught colloquia, HON 360-362, courses especially designed for the program by outstanding professors. They are meant to be different from traditional courses in that they include more student involvement, active learning, special projects, guest presenters, or off campus experiences.

Students ordinarily take three colloquia to complete honors program requirements. Each colloquium also fulfills any LAC Tier II course requirement. In other words, the three Honors Colloquia can be used to satisfy any three of the five Tier II categories. All students, and particularly those in the education program, are urged to complete colloquia requirements before the senior year.

Under the following circumstances, ONE of the three colloquia may be waived:

  1. The student spends a semester abroad or at another campus either as an exchange student or on a leave of absence from Eastern. Students electing this option DO NOT, however, get credit for a colloquium or an LAC requirement. One colloquium is simply waived.
  2. The student takes a section of an LAC course designated for Honors, e.g. in relationship to EES220H.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, students may be able to satisfy a colloquium requirement by serving as a teaching assistant in HON 150. Such a substitution requires the prior approval of the Program Director and the instructor of the course in which the teaching assistant is served. Teaching assistant, however, DO NOT satisfy an LAC requirement.