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Time Limit & Transfer Credit Language

Time Limit

Graduate programs must be completed within a period of six years. This time limit begins upon registration for the first graduate course or the earliest term for which transfer credit has been awarded, whichever occurs first. Graduate courses taken under non-degree and transfer student status are included in this period. Students who do not complete the degree within the established time limit risk the forfeiture of their accumulated credit hours and any other privileges associated with their graduate status. Students requesting an extension to the time limit should complete the Time Limit Extension Request form and submit it to the Dean of the Graduate Division’s office. The dean must approve all requests for extensions and approval is not guaranteed.

Degree candidates who fail to take courses for two successive full terms (fall/spring) will be considered inactive and will be required to petition for readmission should they decide to continue with their graduate studies. If extenuating circumstances exist, students should request a leave of absence. Petition for Readmission forms are available on the Graduate Division website.

Transfer Credit

Graduate students wishing to transfer credit toward an Eastern degree must formally request that they be accepted. Acceptance of graduate coursework taken outside of the university is conditional upon review and recommendation by the assigned graduate advisor and approval by the Dean of the Graduate Division. The student’s Plan of Study must reflect application of these credits to fulfill required or elective coursework. Transfer credit may be approved when:

  • A student currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program has successfully completed nine credits. (No transfer credits will be accepted for non-degree students)
  • Graduate courses were taken by the petitioner after the award of an undergraduate degree;
  • Graduate courses have been completed at an accredited institution;
  • Graduate courses carry a grade of “B” or higher;
  • Graduate courses are related to the student’s graduate program of study at Eastern, and
  • Graduate courses were completed within the student’s six-year time limit to degree.

No more than six semester hours may be transferred from other institutions. Request for Transfer Credit Forms are available online. Official transcripts must accompany all requests for transfer credits.

“Eastern Connecticut State University is committed to following the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you are a student with a disability (or think you may have a disability), and require adaptations or accommodations, or assistance evacuating a building in the case of an emergency, please contact the Office of AccessAbility Services (OAS) at 860-465-0189 to discuss your request further. Any student registered with the OAS should contact the instructor as soon as possible for assistance with classroom accommodations. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive, and must be communicated through a Letter of Accommodation which is drafted by the OAS.”